15 Ways to Create a Summer Playground in Your Backyard – Part 2

15 Ways to Create a Summer Playground in Your Backyard – Part 2
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    A long, cold winter may have left your backyard barren and lifeless. Now is your chance to repurpose it.

    Here are some ideas to turn it into an outdoor playground. If it is large enough, you can incorporate a few of them.


15 ways to create a summer playground in your backyard:
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6. Build a giant treehouse

Treehouses have undying charm and make cozy little nooks. Your children will enjoy many hours in them. Tree climbing will occupy them while you are busy.

7. Build a giant pizza oven

The food lovers in your family will love this idea. If you have a stone with a deep enough crevice, throw firewood into it and add a plank. It turns into a mini pizza oven which you can leave in your backyard.

8. Plant giant flowers

Your children will love the idea of playing tag or hide and seek among tall flowers. They are enchanting, and it easy to hide behind them. The beautiful petals will bring out the photography buff in you.

9. Build a rock climbing wall.

A rock climbing wall is the best way to channel the energy of a hyperactive child. It will challenge him both physically and mentally. Such a wall will endure through the seasons.

10. Repurpose old tires.

Do you have flat tires that seem redundant? There is a use for them. Paint them and turn them into a backyard jungle gym. You may even mount them on frames and turn them into swings. They will fill a child’s time for hours.

11. Set up an outdoor art haven

Learning should be fun. Nurture the artist in your child and let him have a little outdoor fun at the same time.

Stir the minds of the budding artists in your family by setting up a chalkboard against the backyard fence. They will spend hours doodling outdoors. As an added challenge, get them to create a story out of their drawings, then talk about it. They will develop both artistic and linguistic skills.

12. Build an outdoor theater.

All a person may need to feel entertained is a simple change of setting. Instead of watching movies indoors, why not do so outdoors? All you need to set up an outdoor home theater system is a DVD player and a projection screen. The family can enjoy their favorite movies and a little outdoor fun.

14. Make a wooden pallet sectional

Create pallet sections out of wooden planks. Surround a barbecue pit with them, then bring out chicken and steaks to grill. You will create a must-visit outdoor playground for both children and adults.

15. Make an outdoor shower

Children adore playing under water sprinklers or showers. All you need to do to create an outdoor shower is to twist a hose around the branches of a tree. Your children will enjoy hours of water play.

With these ideas, you can have summer fun from the comfort of your backyard.

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