What Patio Umbrella Benefits are You Missing out on This Summer?

What Patio Umbrella Benefits are You Missing out on This Summer?
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    Summer is coming, along with the intense heat rays.

    A high quality patio umbrella offers more benefits than simply blocking the sun.


If you have a patio or deck, then you should have a patio umbrella. If you don’t, then get one! Summer is coming, along with the intense heat rays. Over exposure to these heat rays can cause age spots and premature wrinkling. Having protection from sun rays is also important in preventing sunburn and skin cancer.

Patio Umbrella Benefits

A high quality patio umbrella offers more benefits than simply blocking the sun; the right patio umbrella can tilt and adjust itself to block the sun’s rays as the annoying sun moves below the brim of the umbrella.

There are mechanical or manual patio umbrellas out on the market now that will adjust to the angle you set to block the sun’s rays, all without you getting up out of your comfortable chair.

What Type of Patio Umbrella Should I Choose?

What type of patio umbrella you choose will depend on your physical capabilities and what inconveniences you’re willing to tolerate.

Like with many other things, you get what you pay for with patio umbrellas. The type of materials used in construction will determine the price and durability of the umbrella.

The factors that will determine the price of the patio umbrella include:

  • quality of the fabric
  • quality of the frame
  • type of mechanisms for the umbrella

This article will cover the different types of patio umbrella mechanisms and their pros and cons.

  • Manual Push Up Mechanism

    The manual push up mechanism is probably the most familiar to you. Just like when using most regular hand held umbrella, it involves holding the pole beneath the umbrella with one hand, and using the other hand to apply pressure upwards to the pole to expand the umbrella out.

    Manual push up systems are more simple and durable because there’s less that can go wrong in the mechanism; but, raising up the umbrella is harder.

  • Manual Tilt Mechanism

    The manual tilt mechanism can raise the umbrella with the simple push of a button. Sometimes they’re integrated with the manual push up system. After you push the button and raise the patio umbrella, you’ll need to manually adjust the umbrella to the desired angle. Sometimes this type of umbrella can integrate with the crank system, which will save you the hassle of manually raising or tilting the umbrella.

  • Crank Mechanisms

    Crank or tilt mechanisms are easier to use. With a crank mechanism, all you’ll have to do is turn a handle clockwise to raise the umbrella, or counterclockwise to lower it.

    Crank umbrellas are great for older people who don’t have the strength to push the umbrella up on their own. The crank mechanism can also be integrated with most types of tilt mechanisms, including: auto tilt, collar tilt or manual tilt.

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  • Collar Tilt and Auto Tilt Mechanisms

    Collar tilt and auto tilt work similarly. There will be a collar or ring above the crank handle that will tilt the umbrella to the desired angle. All you have to do is twist the collar/ring clockwise. This type of system outshines the manual tilting mechanism.

    The only difference compared to the auto tilt mechanism is that, to raise the umbrella, you just turn the collar clockwise instead of turning a crank. After the umbrella is raised, you’ll keep turning the collar clockwise to tilt the umbrella to the desired angle. This system is used in most high quality patio umbrellas on the market.

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The best patio umbrella for you will depend on your budget, physical abilities and tolerance level. The price range of patio umbrellas is quite large, so just pick the patio umbrella that has all of the features you know you must have.



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