15 Ways to Create a Summer Playground in Your Backyard – Part 1

15 Ways to Create a Summer Playground in Your Backyard – Part 1
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    A long, cold winter may have left your backyard barren and lifeless. Now is your chance to repurpose it.

    Here are some ideas to turn it into an outdoor playground. If it is large enough, you can incorporate a few of them.


15 ways to create a summer playground in your backyard

1. Spray paint your lawn for a game of Twister.

Twister is a perennial family favorite. It provides exhilarating fun and bonding opportunities. One way to turn your backyard into a fun-filled playground is to spray paint it in preparation for the game. Have a good time untangling entangled limbs.

2. Build a giant hammock swing.

The best way to spend a warm afternoon is to sit on a swing in your backyard. If any of your family members love to do so, build them a hammock swing and decorate it with plump throw cushions. They will love nothing better than to lie on it and read an enticing chapter of their favorite novel.

3. Create an outdoor pool

If there are avid swimmers in your family, this idea is for you. Set up an outdoor pool in your backyard this summer.

Find the best place for your pool, then look for a pool structure. Buy a used one, if possible, and fill it up with water. Allow some time for the chlorine to offset before letting your children swim in it. A small trampoline can serve as a diving board.

Alternatively, you may wish to fill the area with sand and turn it into a backyard beach. It will become a go-to spot to soak in the sun’s rays.

4. Set up a volleyball or badminton court.

There is no need to visit sports halls to play volleyball or badminton. Your family can do so in your backyard.

Decide where you want to set up your court. Ensure that it is not too close to the neighbor’s house, as your shuttlecock or ball may go over his fence.

How to Play Badminton:

Mow the area and ensure that there is no rubble. Find two poles and set up a net. Mark boundaries about 8 feet up and 12 feet across. Draw a line halfway through to indicate the first and second players’ sides of the court.

Your family can now enjoy badminton or volleyball games. All you need to do is adjust the net occasionally.

5. Camp in your backyard.

You do not need to spend money on sending your children to summer camp. Spend a few days outdoors in your yard. To create tents, build teepees or little sleeping nooks out of cloth and hula hoops. If this is not for you, you may buy tents that are easy to assemble.

Stay tuned for more ideas in Part 2 coming tomorrow!

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