Perking Up Your Porch

Perking Up Your Porch
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    July and August are prime months for barbequing, afternoon siestas, late night stargazing and conversation that goes deep into the wee hours.

    To make this summer's outdoor experiences even more enjoyable, take the time to enhance your entertaining space.


Begin by reacquainting yourself with the pieces of furniture and other accessories you already have – perhaps a swing, chairs, small fountain, etc. Decide which pieces are in great shape, need a paint job, or might need to be tossed out entirely. Grab a garbage bag and clear out trash, leaves, and anything else unseemly that doesn’t belong in your entertaining area. Give the place a good scrub down and get ready to start fresh!

Decide how much money you have to invest in recreating your porch – and it may be very little. There are improvements to be made on any budget. If you’ve got the cash to spend and want to completely revitalize the area, a few classic pieces you may want to consider adding are: simple wicker furniture, a rocking chair, coffee table, swing, or grill.

These items can be found at a variety of places, but if you want to spend as little as possible, why not check the local Salvation Army or similar store? You never know what you might find! If your porch is uncovered, you’ll want to choose pieces that are weather resistant, and hold up well in the elements, particularly rain. Arrange your new items artfully and keep in mind that fewer pieces of greater quality are always better than lots of mediocre items crammed into too small a space.

Keep in mind the number of guests you entertain most regularly. How much room do you need to ensure that your guests remain comfortable? However you choose to arrange your porch, make sure there is plenty of room to get up and move without bumping into furniture!

For a less expensive lift, try adding colored/themed accents to your porch, or purchasing a few potted plants, hanging flower baskets, candles, chair cushions, or adding interesting lighting fixtures. If you’ve got a few great pieces of furniture already, try rearranging them in a new way.

During a typical evening of entertaining, think of where you normally set up the food, drinks, seating areas, etc. Consider if there is a more efficient way to arrange your space, and make changes accordingly. As with the more expensive pieces, make sure that you pepper on these additional items sparingly and tastefully. You probably don’t need twenty hanging flower baskets or thirty chartreuse candles. Less really is more!

When the guests arrive, set out the Noritake glassware, a spread of colorful summer eats, your best dinnerware, and get ready for everyone to admire your new porch!



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