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7 Great Hacks For Saving Money With A Beautiful Garden

Tweet Therefore, cheaper alternatives need to be considered to be able to maintain a beautiful garden and still save up some money. Luckily for you, this article lists some great

Garden Maintenance

Fall Gardening Tips and Strategies

Tweet October and November may not be busy gardening months, but there are a few things that need tending and some strategies you can take from this point forward. Perennial

Bed and Bath

Simply Decorated: Your Home’s Bathroom

A zen or “meditative” look to your home can give it the serenity you seek as you escape to your sanctuary. A home that is cluttered can cause much stress while one that is simple, yet ordered can bring forth a much more relaxed mood.

Sun Room

Tips for Styling Your Conservatory

Tweet So, how do you make that work? Take note of the following key features of your conservatory and design accordingly:  Lighting Typically, we think of conservatories as needing minimal

Garden Plants

Growing Tomatoes: Tips and Tricks

Tweet The prized tomato, often referred as a fruit, gets planted later with far northern gardens getting this nightshade favorite by the first of June. Tomatoes are rich in nutrients

Garden Plants

Urban Gardening and Raised Beds

Tweet Certainly, patio gardening and container gardening are options, but for those that insist on having direct contact with ground soil, the dedicated space may not seem like enough. Fortunately,


How to Care For a Newly Planted Tree

Tweet That’s a task that won’t ever be completed as trees need regular maintenance including pruning and watering. Cooperative Extension Service Your nursery and your state’s cooperative extension service are

Home Structure

7 Home Water Conservation Tips

Tweet That network begins at the local level with homeowners employing and advancing smart home water conservation methods. 1. Water early and only as needed. Your lawn and garden areas

Garden Plants

Herb Garden Tips and Ideas

Tweet Herbs have been used by humans for many a millennia, with medicinal properties recognized early on. Mint has long been used as a cleansing agent, rosemary for curing headaches

Garden Plants

Smart Options for Brown-Thumbed Gardeners

Tweet Fortunately, even gardeners with a “brown thumb” can succeed by choosing the types of plants that are most likely to thrive under a variety of weather conditions and survive


Why You Should Hire A Landscape Designer

Tweet You are considering several changes to the environment that may have a big impact in the way that property looks as well as how its natural habitat reacts to

Yard and Garden

How to Turn your Backyard into a Dog Paradise

It’s easy and relatively inexpensive to turn your backyard into a doggie paradise. With the right equipment and a little planning, your dog will be entertained for years to come.

Garden Plants

What Everyone Should Know About Poinsettias

Tweet What you think you know about poinsettias may not be accurate or at least should be updated to reflect current information. In any case, if you are planning to

Yard and Garden

How to Get Your Lawn & Garden Ready for Fall

Tweet With summer now behind us, fall is the perfect time of the year to prepare your lawn and garden for the cooler months ahead. This means taking some steps

Yard and Garden

7 Ways to Save at the Garden Center

Tweet If you’re planning a trip to the garden center this weekend, you may have resigned yourself to spending hundreds of dollars on fertilizer, seed, top soil, compost, flowers, plants


You Can Build a Rock Garden

Tweet Homeowners who prefer a natural landscape setting may want to consider building a rock garden. As the name implies, rocks are the centerpiece of this type of landscaping feature,