7 Great Hacks For Saving Money With A Beautiful Garden

7 Great Hacks For Saving Money With A Beautiful Garden
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    Gardening can be a very fulfilling venture aside from being beautiful.

    At the same time, gardening can be a financial burden and quite time-consuming.


Therefore, cheaper alternatives need to be considered to be able to maintain a beautiful garden and still save up some money.

Luckily for you, this article lists some great hacks that you can employ to save you money without actually compromising on the beauty of your garden. Find them below;

DIY tools

A good way to save up money is to invest in good quality DIY gardening tools. A few chisels, a spade, wheelbarrow, lawn mower, rake, hand trowel, sharpeners, etc. may seem expensive at first, but after purchase, you will realize how cost efficient they are. You will be able to weed your garden, plant new crops and flowers with your tools and at any time that you want without having to hire tools from someone else or calling a professional gardener to do it for you.

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Like I said, acquiring gardening tools and equipment may seem expensive at first, and that is why you need to shop around and compare the best deals available before you buy. Don’t buy everything you see; you don’t need every tool in the garden center, a few essentials will do. Go for high quality as it will save you money in the long run- less chance of needing to replace them.

Make your ownhomemade pesticides

Commercial pesticides can be horriblyexpensive. You can choose to make your own pesticides at home. There are various recipes online that can help you know the ingredients and method needed. Additionally, you can plant fragrant herbs that repel insects in your garden. Insect repellents like citronella, bright marigold, and catnip are easy to plant and maintain.

Natural fertilizers are a good consideration

Just like pesticides, commercial fertilizers are also quite expensive and not the best option if you are running an organic garden. So why not make an investment in a compost bin/pit that will provide you with savings over time. You can make natural fertilizer from grass cuttings, leaves, vegetable peelings and many more natural materials.

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Bone meal also makes excellent manure for tomato plants and flowers. Make it a habit to collect and store all bones from meaty meals. Boil them at high temperatures, let them cool and then break them with a stone or mallet. After breaking into small pieces, you can then crush the bones into a fine powder using a mortar and pestle or grinder. The process of making bone meal manure is quite easy and inexpensive.

With so many items that can make compost, you might find yourself with more than you need! Talk about saving money – it’s free, and it’s a wonderful way to recycle.

Save on water

A cost-effective way to keep your plants well watered is by setting sprinklers so that you only water the plants and nothing else unnecessary. Also, you can save water by watering early in the day or later in the day so that less water is wasted through evaporation.

Additionally, if you have a private well, you might need to invest in a well pressure tank for your well. This will help elongate the lifespan of your pump as it will only work when it’s needed.

Use citrus rinds and egg shells as seedling startups

Buying plants may be time-saving but won’t save you money. It is much cheaper and more cost effective to buy seeds instead. Growing from seeds isn’t hard, and it comes with a greater sense of pride. For the cost of a couple of plants, one packet of seeds could grow a lot more plants.

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If you are worried about seedling startups, then worry no more. Egg shells and citrus rinds can save you the worry and money too. An advantage with these is that you won’t have to wait for the ground to thaw to get the seeds sprouting. Also, citrus rinds are bio-degradable this means that as they decompose, they will be adding acidity to the soil which is good for plants. Egg shells, on the other hand, are sharp and thus scare away slugs and snails. The smell also keeps away other pests.

Opt for perennials instead of annuals.

Choose perennial plants rather than seasonal ones for your flowerbeds. It is advantageous for it would reproduce and increase every year, just cut them again and swap it over your friends’ plant, in that way you will save money and maintain a beautiful garden at the same time by having different species. Planting many kinds of plant species in the garden is an added advantage.

Another advantage with perennial plants is that as they multiply each year, you can cut them back and exchange them with your friends and neighbors, so you all have lush gardens and save money at the same time.

However, if you must plant annual or biannual plants, consider planting them in pots. The advantage with this is that containers allow you to plant even in grounds that cannot be tilled. They also allow you to plant without digging and weeding (can be quite a hassle). Moreover, you can easily switch plants when the season is over by removing the pot containing the out of season plant and replacing it with pots containing new ones. This guide on how to plant in pots might be useful.

Trade seeds and produce with fellow gardeners

Buying is not the only option to getting seeds for your garden. You can get seeds from fellow gardeners who may have any surplus. Moreover, you can offer your surplus seeds in return which makes it a win a win for all of you. If you don’t know many people with gardens, consider joining a local gardening club which could give you the opportunity to meet other gardeners.

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You can also share yours produces with your neighbor. This can only be effective if you plant different items so that when harvest time comes, you can share your plants and fruits with each other.

To wrap up

Successful gardening can be very expensive. Luckily, there is a way out for that by applying the tips this article has revealed to you. In the end, you will have a lovely and colorful garden that soothes your every ailing. Is it not that rewarding?

Happy Gardening!

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