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Five Home Professionals You Should Always Have On Speed Dial

When you consider the number of systems operating in our homes (electrical, plumbing, HVAC, etc.) it’s surprising that we don’t have more crises that call for immediate attention. Just the same, when one of these emergencies does arise, you will need help from a professional and you’ll need it quickly.


What You Did Not Know About Home Contractors

Tweet That goes the same for the contractor you haven’t hired yet, but think might work out based on some assumptions you have made. General contracting is not rocket science,

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About Your New Year Renovation Project

The holiday season can be a very good time to assess your current home needs. If you entertain for Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year’s Day, then you can observe how people interact as they make their way around your home.

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7 Home Renovation Tips

You’re getting ready to undertake a home renovation project and you’re wondering how best to move forward. Rush into this project and you’ll make your share of mistakes, perhaps costing you thousands of dollars to get the work done right.


5 Smart Home Renovation Tips

It is your home and you will soon be paying thousands perhaps tens of thousands of dollars to have it renovated. Your investment is a costly one, but something you believe will pay off with a home that is more enjoyable for your family and one that improves in value accordingly.


Got References? Questions to Ask Your Contractor.

Your home renovation plans shouldn’t be carried out before you check your contractor’s references. Customers who previously had work done with your contractor should be contacted directly by you.

Home Buying-Home Selling

How to Use a Remodelers Home Tour to Sell Your Home

Neighbors of ours recently sold their home and they did so without benefit of a real estate agent. No, they didn’t publicize their home through a “for sale by owner” method.

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6 Money Saving Renovation Strategies

Tweet Your next home improvement project promises to be a large one, allowing you to finally tackle those jobs you’ve put off for too long. Perhaps you’re putting on a


7 Tips on Finding the Right Contractor

You’re about ready to embark on a major home improvement project, one where you’ll need to hire a general contractor to oversee the work.


Making Informed Choices for Home Improvement Purchases

In today’s economy, it has become more important than ever to be a smart consumer and make informed choices when buying any goods and/or services.

Home Renovation

Why Homeowners Should Put Fear Away & Renovate Now

Tweet Watch the national news for 15 minutes at a time and you’ll be calling your doctor to up your meds. The news is depressing, distressing and downright disheartening. The


Can You Handle Being Your Own General Contractor?

You’re skilled enough to handle many of the tasks needed to get done around your home, but not everything.


5 Steps to Finding a Home Contractor

As you plan to undertake your home improvement project, one person will have a profound impact on how your job is handled from start to finish. And that person is your general contractor, the man or woman you’ll be hiring to oversee construction, pull together sub-contracators, order materials, pay workers and handle a myriad of other details.