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Kitchen and Dining

Cheap Kitchen Countertop Options

Being stuck with an outdated kitchen can be a nuisance, but kitchen renovations are expensive, and sometimes they just don’t fall within your budget. Instead of being stuck with an outdated kitchen for a long period of time, try making smaller updates whenever possible.


Making Your New Home Move-In Ready

One of the roughest parts about moving into a new home is the time that it takes to get it ready for your family.

Home Decor

How to Give Concrete Flooring a Weathered Look

Throughout the world, concrete floors can be found in many homes. One of the benefits to concrete floors is they can be painted any color under the sun. Design-wise, this makes concrete flooring a blank slate.

Kitchen and Dining

4 Kitchen Renovating Tips on a Budget

You want to update your kitchen, but you’re not ready to make a costly renovation that will bust your budget.

Heating and Cooling

Electric Heating in the Summer?

When temperatures outside are sky rocketing, your home heating is not the first thing that automatically springs to mind in the summer months. That said, it can in fact be the best time to buy; with heaters being out of season and usually on sale.


Got References? Questions to Ask Your Contractor.

Your home renovation plans shouldn’t be carried out before you check your contractor’s references. Customers who previously had work done with your contractor should be contacted directly by you.

Home Buying-Selling

How to Use a Remodelers Home Tour to Sell Your Home

Neighbors of ours recently sold their home and they did so without benefit of a real estate agent. No, they didn’t publicize their home through a “for sale by owner” method.

Yard and Garden

How to Entertain Outdoors With Ease and Comfort in Mind

Summer is here and with it comes many opportunities to entertain. Most of that time you’ll spend outdoors, taking advantage of the warm weather to enjoy fresh air and sunshine.


Just Renovated Your Home? You Might Need Better Contents Insurance

So you’ve just renovated your house or flat, made it into a home of which you can be proud and increased its market value. What could possibly go wrong?

Bed and Bath

Get Inspiration From Hotel Bathrooms When Renovating

Fancy hotels seem to have the grandest bathrooms. Not just the public bathrooms off of the lobby, but in-suite bathrooms. Hotel executives know that you’ll be a repeat customer if every part of your hotel room reflects an upscale look, including in the room where you take care of your personal needs.

Home Furniture

Three Quick Tips to Spruce up a Drab Living Room

Summer is right around the corner, but for many home owners, their drab living room is still in the clutches of winter. If you like to entertain, as I do, you want to welcome your guests into a home that is vibrant and full of character.

General News

Family Party Ideas for the Fourth of July

America’s birthday is reason enough to celebrate, with families and friends gathering across the nation to mark this festive and patriotic occasion.

Many of us have grown up with parades, picnics, entertainment and fireworks, continuing these long-held traditions with our children and grandchildren. The day marks our nation’s birth and the liberties we have. Why not use this July 4th to throw a family or block party?

Garden Furniture

You Can Save Money on Patio Furniture

If you’re in the market for patio furniture, you may have noticed the steep price tags on some of the higher-end pieces out there. You’ve seen those ads for a single Alfresco natural dining chair for $219 and quickly did the path to learn that a full set of chairs, table, umbrella and pillows would set you back by more than $3,000.

Lawn Care

Lawn Mower Maintenance Tips & Upkeep

After several months of use, your lawn mower may not seem to work as well as it did at the beginning of the grass-cutting season. The grass isn’t being cut evenly or the engine misses, perhaps it even backfires on occasion.

Home Entertainment

Tasty Summer Chocolate Drinks

With the dog days of summer in full swing, there is nothing better than cooling off with a refreshing drink! With so many summer beverage choices, like iced tea, lemonade and sparkling waters, why not opt for a drink that has a bit of chocolate in it?

Lawn Care

The Cure for Your Brown, Parched Lawn

All it takes for your lawn to lose its color is several weeks of little to no rain. Couple that with ample sunshine and high temperatures, and you have a recipe for a brown lawn.

Home Interior

Buying a Home With Minor Repairs Needed

The current home market gives home buyers a great opportunity to purchase a home at a reduced cost. Those costs can be dropped further if you’re willing to buy a home needing minor repairs.

Home Utility

Top 5 Ways to Burglar-Proof Your Home

You never think it can happen to you, but the Federal Bureau of Investigation reports that more than 2 million homes in the United States are burglarized every year (Ref 1), accounting for almost a quarter of property crimes committed annually.