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Kitchen and Dining

Create a Modern, Classic Look in Your Dining Room with These Ideas

Looking to update your dining room? As a gathering place, it’s a center in the home, a spot for family gatherings, and a space where creativity flows.

Kitchen and Dining

Refresh Your Dining Room with These Simple Tricks

Tweet In fact, the simplest changes can be very rewarding when done correctly. The Alfresco Blinds we talked about not too long ago are a good example. This is an

Kitchen and Dining

Diva Dining: 4 Design Favorites To Spruce Up Your Dining Room

Tweet A dining area can be transformed with selections that either enhance what is already in the room or completely change the space. breakfast nooks • dining table sets •

Kitchen and Dining Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Nov 20: Home Dining Room

Tweet [blockquote style=”4″] Some “Dining Room Pics” for dining room table and furniture: View: view dining set pics Help us spread this Sunday tip with a quick “comment/share” to your

Kitchen and Dining

Real Redecorating: What Your Dining Room is Missing

Tweet Some dining rooms are small, while others seem to have too much space. There might be something your dining room is missing, making it easy to start a remodeling

Kitchen and Dining

Home Improvement Ideas for Your Dining Room

Tweet You need to consider the style of dining table and furniture, the space that you have, as well as accessories, lighting and flooring. Here are a few tips for

Kitchen and Dining

5 Stylish and Contemporary Dining Room Decorating Ideas

A contemporary style dining room offers a desirable balance of sophistication and simplicity with elements of elegance and uniqueness mixed in. The following five contemporary decorating ideas enable you to create a contemporary dining room that is welcoming, comfortable and impressive.

Home Renovation

4 Room or Space Repurpose Ideas

Tweet The most significant advantage of this option is that you do not have to expand the home for the new purpose. Instead, you can think of creative ways to

Home Decor

Transform Your Bonus Room Into a Treasured Retreat

Tweet The term “bonus room” is a relatively newer phrase, one that describes an extra bedroom, a den or a spare room that may not have any clear purpose, hence

Home Decor

Invigorate Your Dining Room: Five Easy Options

Tweet The dining room has lost much of its appeal over the past few generations as families are more likely to eat on the run and are less likely to

Home Decor

Stage This: Get Your Home Ready For Show

Tweet Getting your home ready for show is a process that some people leave to the professionals. Oh, yes, there are people that professionally stage homes, but you can avoid

Kitchen and Dining

7 Affordable Dining Room Updates

The dining room just is not the same gathering place for American families as it once was. With so many homes now made up of two working parents, time-pressed families may find it easier to simply prepare meals in the kitchen and eat there.

Home Decor

Thrifty Renovation: Your Next Painting Project!

Homeowners seeking to brighten up their homes may want to undertake full-scale renovation, but their finances may not support this option. You may be able to borrow the money, but your financial picture isn’t strong enough to support loan payments.

Kitchen and Dining

How to Find Affordable Dining Room Furniture

The expression, “you get what you paid for” certainly describes dining room furniture. You can choose complete sets that include a table, six or more chairs, a server and a china closet, made of the finest cherry woods and outfitted with custom fabrics.