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5 Ultimate Tips for Designing Your Dressing Room

Tweet First of all, fiber is known to attract dust, so storing your clothes in your new dressing room means you’ll get to sleep in a much healthier environment. Also,

Closet Systems

Do It Yourself Closets: They Don’t Have to Be Magical

Not so long ago, the Harry Potter series of novels had a generation of children running around, waving magic wands and attempting to do complicated spells.

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8 Rules For Organizing Your Closets

Tweet You can whip your closets back in shape, provided that you follow several long-established and wise rules. 1. Two boxes, no more. Closets get disorganized because so much stuff

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Organize Your Kid’s Room Without Going Crazy

Tweet As much as you may want to jump in and organize everything yourself, there are some clear guidelines that you can lay down to ensure that the room is

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Quick Weekend Home Fix-it Projects

Not every home improvement project must take weeks or months to complete. Likely, you are aware of several jobs around the home that need to be handled, but are not sure if you have the time to start and complete them quickly.

Closet Systems

Tips and Tricks of Closet Organization

Closet space comes at a premium in some older homes, with not enough storage area to serve your needs. Even in homes offering an ample number of closets, keeping that space organized can present a challenge. After all, you want to store your stuff, not lose it…right?


Should You Pursue Loft Living?

City dwellers know that one of the best places to set up a residence is in a converted loft building. Such buildings may have been previously used for industrial or commercial purposes and later repurposed for residential living.

Closet Systems

How to Declutter a Closet

Simple steps to help organize your clothing closet.

Closet Systems

Making the Most of Your Closet Space

Tweet Closets are wonderful places to hang a hat or coat, but they’re also a source of consternation to homeowners and renters who may not be satisfied with the way

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How to Make a Small Area Appear Larger

Tweet Making do with what you have is something interior designers have been making happen for years. Their services are sought after by city apartment dwellers and first time homeowners

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Master Bedroom Renovation Ideas

Tweet By pushing out a wall, you can expand the footprint of your master bedroom, to encompass all or part of an adjoining room. Such a renovation may require the

Closet Systems

Home Storage Space

Storage space is a perpetual problem in every home, no matter how big it is.