Quick Weekend Home Fix-it Projects

Quick Weekend Home Fix-it Projects
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    Not every home improvement project must take weeks or months to complete. Likely, you are aware of several jobs around the home that need to be handled, but are not sure if you have the time to start and complete them quickly.


There are two big advantages of tackling these types of jobs: your home will look and feel the better for it and you will have a house that is easier to sell and may be worth more.

The following are some home fix-it projects you can accomplish inside of a weekend:

Unify Your Major Appliances

It isn’t uncommon to have a kitchen where the refrigerator is white, the dishwasher is black and the stove is stainless steel. Its a look you have put up with for a long time, but one that you would like to unify to one color choice.

Your solution may already be in place — often, the back of an appliance panel is a different color than its front. This means that if you have a black dishwasher, flipping the panel around to reveal its white face will unify your appliances.

As for the stainless steel panel, you usually can order a new one from the manufacturer and install it within minutes.

Put Your Closets In Order

Most homeowners could use more storage, with some people resorting to using expensive storage facilities to house their excess wares. Chances are you already own more stuff than you need while the rest of your belongings can easily be stored at home with a little work on your present storage space.

Here, you will want to reorganize your closets to maximize what room that you have. This can be a critically important undertaking in an older home, one that has limited closet space in the first place.

Your closet organizing initiative can include a multi-prong attack. For one, stacking shoe boxes will free up space and provide a low-cost alternative to installing built-in shelving. Also, if you mount a peg board at the back or the sides of your closets, you can then install hooks to hold belts, hats and other accessories.

Vanquish Water Stains

Your shower or bath stall may look great until you look at the ceiling. There, you notice that much staining is present. That means taking the better part of the day scraping off stain, priming it and repainting the surface. There has to be a better way!

Fortunately, there is a way that just may work out for you, one that does not involve a lot of time. Specifically, get a clear plastic spray bottle and fill it with a solution of 90 percent water and 10 percent bleach, stirring same. Then, spray the stain and wait one or two days. The stain should be gone, saving you time and money. For tougher stains, purchase a commercial stain remover such as Tilex and use it.

Clean Your Carpets

Regularly cleaning your carpets can keep them looking and smelling great. Its a job that most people can handle, by renting or buying a carpet cleaning machine.

By scheduling regular cleanings, you can tackle all rooms in as little as two to three hours. You will save hundreds of dollars over a commercial service and avoid the inconvenience too.

Update Your Lighting

If you want to quickly transform your home’s interior, fresh lighting can do the trick. It can be as simple as adding a light to the top of a dresser or swapping out the light lamp shades for darker shades. Create the mood that is right for you!

Installing light strips around the home can dramatically alter its look too. Such strips might surround the fireplace, an entry way or even a live plant. Add some drama to a room and use the lighting to adjust its look quickly.

Weekend Warrior Work

Other ideas for quick work include patching a hole in the ceiling with a smoke detector instead of repairing that hole and repainting it. That slow running toilet can be fixed quickly too by pouring half a cup of liquid dish detergent into the basin and letting it sit for at least 15 minutes. The soap reduces friction, making it easier for the clogged contents to pass through.

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