8 Rules For Organizing Your Closets

8 Rules For Organizing Your Closets
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    Come January, you'll be looking for things to do as the snows deepen and spring seems months away.

    One project that you can handle is organizing your closets, you know the secret hide aways where virtually anything can be stored.

    And therein lies the problem -- storage without a purpose and what may cause you grief beyond measure.


You can whip your closets back in shape, provided that you follow several long-established and wise rules.

1. Two boxes, no more. Closets get disorganized because so much stuff can be fit within. Live by the “two box rule” where no more than two stacks of boxes are allowed. You’ll notice when three or more stacks are present that it is virtually impossible to reach what’s inside the boxes and the risk of collapse is always looming.

2. Her space, his space. Let’s not laugh too loud: his space may be no more than 20 percent of the closet, with your space dominating the rest. Regardless how you divide your space, you need to do just that. Find enough room for each person, no matter how you decide to split it. And then stick to that division, otherwise your closets will burst with clothes and marital strife may follow.

3. Use adjustable shelves. Fixed shelves are pass√© — adjustable shelves are what every homeowner needs. Why? Because just as your needs change, so should your closet room. Opt for adjustable shelving and you’ll be able to make changes as you need them.

4. Go deep. If you have a deep closet, then install a double rod. Place this second rod about 8 to 12 inches behind the first rod to allow for more room. That’s dead space not being used anyway or perhaps it is being misused — where you stack your boxes. Tsk tsp — get rid of those boxes to gain the space that is missing.

5. Install a shoe wheel organizer. If room is especially tight and you have lots of shoes, then a shoe wheel organizer can provide the room that you need. Its a novel idea and one that has been featured by Rachel Ray, on Good Morning America, and on The Today Show. Fit up to 20 pairs and stick your wheel at the bottom of your closet. It comes with a dust cover too.

6. Repurpose a shoe bag. Now that you have a shoe wheel organizer, what should you do with your old shoe bag? That’s easy: repurpose it. You can use a shoe bag to hold socks and keep it in your closet. Or, you could just as easily use it elsewhere in the house as an organizer for the storage chargers and cords, for school and art supplies, as a snack holder, or to organize your cleaning supplies.

7. Just hang it. One reason why your closets may be bursting at the seams is because you choose not to hang everything up. Instead, you may place some items in boxes, other items might be folded and placed on shelves, and even more stuff might be hanging on hooks in the back of your closet. Resolve to hang as much as possible to create more space. Dresses, pants, shirts, blouses and jeans can be hanged. Delicate garments and cashmere still must be folded. Get special clear boxes to store the latter and stack these (no more than two high!) in your closet.

8. Get rid of stuff. This eighth rule could just as easily have been mentioned first, but we know that most people won’t part with their stuff unless they absolutely must. At this point of the closet organizing process, you dug through more clothing, accessories, and items than you possibly can keep. Now you can start pulling out items you won’t need, bag these up and donate the good stuff to your thrift shop. You’ll free up the space you need and you’ll make an important donation to a charity that can use what you own.

Closet Organizing

The approach you took to overhaul your clothes closet can be used in other closets. It can also help you reorganize the rest of your home as you look for ways to make the best of your space. After all with spring a distant dream, you can spend your energy giving your home a healthy and invigorating makeover.

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