How to Declutter a Closet

How to Declutter a Closet


Are you still looking for those black open toe shoes you wore last fall? That’s understandable if your closet has swallowed your shoes, clothes and everything else.

Closet clutter can lead to frustration and extra time spent looking for items that should be placed front and center. You can take control of your closet and find those black shoes and everything else that is missing step by step:

1. Open and remove. Open your cluttered closet and remove everything from it. Everything but the shelves and light fixture, that is! Please note that not everything you take out will go back in.

2. Review and separate. Determine to declutter at once by putting to the side anything that you will not wear again. Place these items in boxes or bags that will be taken to your local thrift store. Those shiny red pumps you wore to the club back in the 1980s won’t be coming back in style — mark these and other dated clothing for the thrift store.

3. Hangars and boxes. If you don’t already have enough hangars and storage boxes, then you’ll need to assemble those items before returning anything to the closet. Create an order for hanging your stuff. Seasonal clothing should not be placed back in the closet — put those in marked boxes and store in a safe place elsewhere in your home such as in your attic. Hang shirts with shirts, pants with pants, blouses with blouses and so on. Short sleeve shirts should be separated from long sleeve shirts. You can also group by colors and styles. Come up with a system that is right for you.

4. Organize your shoes. By now, you should have found your famous open toe black shoes. If not, then check with a friend who might have borrowed them…. Anyway, the shoes you keep should be placed on a shoe rack. If you don’t have one, then go buy one. Get rid of those shoes that were never really comfortable and any pair that are well worn and simply won’t get worn again. Keep only those shoes you know you will wear over the next year. Donate the rest.

5. Boxes and tote bins. — With everything hung in place, you’ll still have items left over that won’t be going to the thrift store and don’t belong in your attic. Clear totes are an excellent place to store items such as sweaters, winter gear, hats and other items you don’t use as much. Choose clear so that you can see in them. Place totes on shelves or if you have room on the floor they can go there. As far as boxes go, reserve these for select items such as belts, shoe laces, purses and other items you won’t be needing too often. Label boxes to identify what is in them.

If your organization plans fall apart, consider investing in a closet organizing system. Such systems can make excellent use of a small area, allowing you to keep what you want and have where you can find it.

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