Best Ways to Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your Home

Best Ways to Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your Home
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    There are many common bugs that you're likely to find in your home, and one such creepy crawler is the stink bug.


A stink bug is a bug that has a unique look to them, with a shield shaped-body, a brown color, and six legs. You may also find more and more of them in your home, since the temperatures are dropping. A bug problem is never a good thing, so here are the best ways to keep stink bugs out of your home.

Seal Your Home

The first effective method you should take to keep stink bugs away is to seal up your home. Do a quick inspection around your home and look for any cracks in your home and seal them up with caulk.

Also, look for any openings in your windows and fix them with window striping and repair screens. Use foam spray to seal cracks around any electrical outlets you might have outside of you home.

Turn Off Lights at Night

Light is a major attraction for stink bugs. Now, we aren’t telling you to forgo lights, but be wary of when you have them on.

When it gets dark out, turn off any porch lights and close your window blinds so stink bugs don’t have a reason to come into your home. Another tip is to use yellow light bulbs instead of white ones to avoid stink bugs.

Clean Up

Another attraction for stink bugs is food. Don’t give stink bugs that opportunity—make sure you never leave food out. Make a habit of vacuuming and sweep up any food crumbs that may have been left out. This step can help you keep other pests out of your home, too.

  • Trim Branches

    Because stink bugs tend to use tree branches and limbs to enter the small cracks in our homes, keep branches trimmed up and away from your windows. This eliminates another possible entry point for stink bugs and other common bugs that may come into your home.

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  • Remove Window Air Conditioners

    Window air conditioners aren’t too common today, but if you have them, they’re another way stink bugs can enter your home. If your stink bug issue is really out of hand, get rid of your window air conditioner and find an alternative method for your HVAC system.

Don’t Squish Them

While it’s instinctive to squash a bug when you see one, it’s important to note that you shouldn’t squash stink bugs. This is because when stink bugs die they release a smelly odor—hence their name. Instead, you should either squash them outside, use a vacuum, or put them in a bowl of water and soap.

other valuable tips:

Hire an Exterminator

If the problem persists after trying the previously mentioned methods, then the best way to keep stink bugs out of your home is with the help of an exterminator. A professional exterminator will properly take care of the problem if the stink bug issue gets out of hand. Any pest issue can be resolved by calling the right people to take care of it, so don’t hesitate.

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