Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips For Your Home

Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips For Your Home
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    The mid-West is known for being one of the very best places to live despite the fact that some unwanted guests may try to invade your home periodically.

    This unwanted guest is known as a carpenter ant that come in a variety of different species


The mid-West is known for being one of the very best places to live despite the fact that some unwanted guests may try to invade your home periodically. This unwanted guest is known as a carpenter ant that come in a variety of different species

Prevention is a key to eliminating this unwanted carpenter ant from any environment. If you have a carpenter ant invasion in your home, you will want to be fully informed about your guests because knowledge is power in terms of resolving the issue.

About Carpenter Ants

The carpenter ant enjoys any type of environment that has mature trees in the surroundings. Research shows that carpenter ants will invade a home in search of food, warmth, moisture and shelter.

Carpenter ants do not eat wood; rather they remove wood as they create galleries and tunnels for finding food and nesting.

Carpenter ants love to nest in hollow spaces. This unwanted guest will leave signs that they have invaded your space:

  • They may leave piles of wood shavings
  • You may hear rustling noises throughout walls and ceilings
  • You may see winged ants coming out of various hidden crevices and walls

There are ways to stop the unwanted guest and prevent them from returning.

Prevention: Many Useful Tips

It is not necessary to live with a carpenter ant invasion. Below are many useful prevention tips that you can take:

  • Eliminate moisture issues in the building; this may include any leaking in the roof areas and any type of plumbing issues
  • Be sure that all cracks and openings are sealed; it is very important to close off any openings around the entire foundation. Be especially mindful of utility pipes and any outside wires. Keeping moisture out is the goal

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  • Any nests ought to be destroyed; you will want to eliminate any conditions that will encourage the colonies to nest
  • Remove any moist wood from the inside and outside of your home. Carpenter ants are attracted to any moist logs and other wood that may be around or in your home
  • Trim bushes and trees that may be touching the siding of your home or your roof. The carpenter ants like to make nests in dead branches
  • If you have firewood stored, be sure to elevate it off the ground with some type of organic material. You can elevate firewood with bricks. Do not store any firewood on the ground. It is a good idea to examine your firewood before bringing it into your home to make sure there are no carpenter ants hiding in it
  • Always store any food items in a container and never leave food uncovered because the carpenter ants are usually attracted to food and will try to invade your home to get at it
  • Be sure to eliminate any pet food droppings from the home environment and keep it contained to avoid an invasion
  • Do not have your gardens to close to your home
  • Put mesh covers over any vents in or around your home
  • Any poor grading issues should be fixed in order to avoid puddles and added moisture

Time to Call the Professionals

Professions are up-to-date with the latest pest control techniques and maintain all of the necessary equipment to get any pest job done properly. The pest professionals will be glad to provide a thorough carpenter ant inspection and make sure all openings are closed off and secured.

other valuable tips:

The professionals can offer safe and effective treatments to prevent carpenter ants from entering your household. They are equipped to manage any pest problem and are happy to provide useful information in order to stop them from entering your home.

Any faulty rain gutter is going to attract this pest. If you suspect that carpenter ants may be trying to invade your home, the professionals will be happy to provide you with many useful solutions to stop and eliminate them. It may be possible to treat exposed wood and discourage them from invading your environment.

If you are a homeowner, in Ohio, you can count on professional pest services to offer any added information to help you to stop carpenter ant invasions in your home. Quality pest control in Mason Ohio is available and always come prepared.

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