Pest Patrol: How to Keep Creepy Crawlers out of Your Home This Fall

Pest Patrol: How to Keep Creepy Crawlers out of Your Home This Fall
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    As fall approaches, many assume the cooler temperatures will bring pest problems to a virtual end.

    However, many of these critters do remain active during the autumn months.


In fact, this is the time when they’re most likely to invade your home in search of warmth. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to prevent this. Here are some pest control tips to help keep these intruders out of your home this fall.

Seal off Entry Points

When colder temperatures set in, common pests like mice and stink bugs begin looking for warm shelter. If your home’s not secure, you’ll soon begin seeing them inside. Check all possible entry points like doors, windows, attic spaces and gutters.

Seal cracks to make sure there’s no space for even the smallest bugs. Installing mesh gutter guards is one way to avoid accumulating debris which may attract pests to areas closer to the home. Don’t forget to close your doors promptly when entering and keep your windows closed. Check all window screens and repair or replace any with holes.

Remove Debris

Don’t allow dead leaves, old tires or other junk to accumulate in your yard. Pests will use them for shelter and it won’t be long before they find a way into your home. Keep grass trimmed and away from your exterior walls. Rake up leaves before they add up and clean our your gutters regularly.

Store all debris in bags away from the home and keep stacks of wood off the ground. Get rid of anything that can collect standing water.

Store Food with Care

If you spot even one ant in your house, his friends won’t be far behind. They’re looking for food and yours needs to be locked away in airtight containers. This includes pet food, which is just as attractive and is often left in bags on the floor. Clean up after each meal and make sure your trash can lids are tight, so pests won’t begin poking around.

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Clean up Liquids

Certain pests (like cockroaches) love moist environments. Check your kitchen and bathrooms for obvious leaks that might harbor standing water. Get leaking faucets and shower heads fixed right away, before they get worse. Check the cupboards beneath your sinks to ensure that water hasn’t slowly been accumulating.

Also look for signs of leakage behind washing machines and toilets, as well as around air conditioning units. Check closets and kitchen cabinets to ensure that stored liquids haven’t begun leaking onto floors. Clean up all spills right away, before they attract bugs.

Identify Intruders

Before you can deal with a pest problem, you have to know what type of intruder you’re dealing with. A quick search on the Internet can help you identify many of the most common culprits. However, there may be other signs of infestation that leave only vague clues.

Companies like Paffy’s Pest Control can help you figure out what type of pest you’re probably dealing with.

Create a Plan

Many common pest problems can be treated with products you can buy at the store. Just make sure you have properly researched the pest and products in question, to ensure you’re not wasting your money. The wrong product might actually force them into hiding within your walls. These pests will eventually resurface, probably long after you think they’re gone.

Remember that at some point, it may be best to leave pest control to the pros. You can’t expect to handle tough problems involving termites, bed bugs or rodents with only over-the-counter products. Professionals have the knowledge necessary to apply the best products and strategies necessary to fix any problem. Your home is your castle and you owe it to your family to ensure their safety from pests and any diseases they may carry.

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