Residential and Commercial Pest Control

Residential and Commercial Pest Control
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    Pest and wildlife infestations are a potential problem in many residential neighborhoods and commercial areas.

    This is because pests can fall into a number of different categories, each with their own unique ways of causing destruction.


(Cat 1) Residential Pests

Your home creates the perfect environment for a variety of small animals and pests to set up a nest. This is not just limited to your home, either – this could mean your outdoor garden, shed, backyard, or any area on your land where pests are unwelcome. These are ideal for wildlife and pests who are either trying to get out of weather that is either too cold or too hot. To stay comfortable, they may find happiness on your property.

Pests such as raccoons, snakes, armadillos, and wasps also pose a certain threat to your family, making you feel vulnerable on your own residence. Wildlife is known for making themselves comfortable in roof spaces, basements, and cavity walls, where they have access to food and an abundance of materials to make themselves comfortable.
You also may not realize that termites, for example, could be eating away at the main structure of your house, which can cause significant and costly restoration later on. This creates an unnecessary burden for you when you should be enjoying your home and family without any disturbances.

(Cat 2) Commercial Pests

Pests can also make it difficult for you to do business. If you have an office or industrial workspace, then your commercial area should be free of distractions and completely safe for your employees.

However, many animals choose to set up nests in storage spaces, wall cavities, and air ducts and may cause destruction to your workspace. In some instances, they develop habitats faster than you think and on a much bigger scale. Because animals adapt to their surroundings, it would not take long for them to pull apart materials inside of these tight spaces and cause further damage to your building.

Not only that, some wildlife is notorious for carrying and spreading diseases that are detrimental to human health as well as harm those who may try to remove them. Getting the right professionals to help with wildlife removal is key in reducing such risks.

What Can Go Wrong?

Without pest control, inevitably, pests can start to overrun your home or workspace. Wasps could grow large nests, termites can eat into the support structure of a building, raccoons can destroy attic spaces out of curiosity and the need for food, and squirrels can dig up your garden and chew young trees to get the sustenance they require. These are just a handful of problems that can occur in residential and commercial properties.

We could presume that, if left alone, pests will leave on their own or only cause a minimal amount of damage, but this is not the case. You should not have to learn to “live with the problem”. Ultimately, high-quality pest control is the only answer to reducing and eliminating the risks involved.

For Central Florida: What Help Can Mite T Tech Provide?

Mite T Tech understands that pests cause disruption to your life when they are not controlled. With their professionals trained to an exceptionally high standard, Mite T Tech has the capabilities to take care of your pest control needs so that you are no longer dealing with these issues alone. They are able to take care of insects, rodents, termites, small animals, and snakes, and they are happy to reduce any wildlife that may cause harm to you or your family.

Mite T Tech is proud to use eco-friendly products and safe removal methods without the use of harsh chemicals. Residential care is non-invasive, and management techniques will largely go unnoticed once in place. They will also offer free follow-up checks to guarantee that the work they have completed continues to provide you with high-quality pest control you expect.

Working together to find solutions, or to implement preventative measures before an issue arises means that no aspect of pest control is ignored. For this reason, Mite T Tech will design an individual management plan for your unique residential or commercial space. This means that you can still use your space with minimal interruption. You will also gain a relationship with Mite T Tech built on trust and commitment that will certainly provide you with exceptional results.

The right pest control services, therefore, should not only be offensive, but defensive – meaning that they should help you prevent pests and unwanted animals in the first place.

So if you have concerns about a possible infestation, or you are already dealing with one, make sure you contact Mite T Tech. Looking after your pest control is their number one priority. Don’t suffer pest problems. Instead, manage them before they get out of hand.

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