Best Ways to Keep Mice Away from A Home

Best Ways to Keep Mice Away from A Home
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    Mice tend to enter homes once the weather stars to cool.

    This is in large part because they need to find a place to stay during the winter months.


Homes can be incredibly easy for mice to enter. It can be especially troubling if mice break and enter your home as you attempt to renovate it. If you ever run into this issue, here are the best ways to keep mice away from a home.

Spray Strong Odors

The first tactic we recommend you try is to spray strong odors throughout the outside and inside of the home. This simple practice will deter mice from entering a home due to the smell.

A smell that mice hate is peppermint. Get some peppermint oil and make a mixture with water, then disperse it around your home with a spray bottle. Some good places in a home to spray include the garage and vents because this is where they tend to enter.

You can spray the odor on moth balls and place it in areas where you think mice will enter, too.

Find Weak Spots

The next step is to do some detective work around the home. Try to find spots in your home where mice can enter from. This can be anything, from small cracks to tiny holes, because mice can maneuver their body in a way that allows them to squeeze through the smallest crevices.

Find these holes in the home and fill them up as soon as you can, so you can keep the mice out.

Consider Electronic Repellent

Electronic repellents can help you deter mice from entering your home. Ultrasonic repellent can keep pests and rodents at bay with sound waves—simply plug the device into an outlet. The electronic repellent works by using a high-frequency sound that will bother rodents and pests to a point where they’ll avoid your house.

Clean Up Promptly

A common reason why mice often enter a home is because of the messes we leave behind, and those messes primarily concern food. One of the best ways to keep mice out from a home is to not give them a reason to come in the first place. Clean up whatever food you find on the floor, so mice aren’t attracted to it.

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Store Food Properly

A final tip we have also has to do with food. In addition to cleaning food off the floors and tables, you need to store it the right way, as well. You should try to put food away or throw it out instead of leaving it out on a counter for mice to consume. Also, consider buying heavy-duty plastic containers for foods that don’t seal all the way once the package is open.

You may have noticed we didn’t mention anything about mousetraps. Well, this is because mouse traps aren’t effective at preventing mice from coming inside. A mouse trap can even cause more problems while not getting rid of the problem completely.

If anything, you will just realize how many mice entered your home. The strategies we mentioned previously should do the trick, but if it gets out of hand, call a professional exterminator. The whole point of a renovation is to improve a home, so prevent further complications if you can.

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