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inviting animals in and out

The challenge it to build a garden that invites "wanted" animals in the garden but contains those "not-so-wanted" animals that can be a menace.

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About Garden Pest Control

Using Plants to Protect Garden and Home from Pests

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The notion of a pest-free yard is a myth. The fact is garden pests like deer, rabbits, Japanese beetles, and mosquitoes will almost always have the upper hand. They outnumber us, for one thing, and get around better than we do. But choosing wisely what to plant can help level the playing field.

Don't Feed the Animals

Deer are adorable creatures--when they're in your neighbor's yard. The same is true of rabbits. They're quite a bit less cute when they invade your property, as they can devour your entire garden practically overnight. Fortunately there are steps you can take to make your yard less appetizing to these garden pests.

I Can't Eat This!

Flowers such as daffodils, buttercups, and snapdragons are poisonous and will be left alone. Thorny bushes around the perimeter of your yard can help keep deer out (although rose bushes will be treated like candy dispensers). And garden pests also tend to eschew plants with a strong taste or aroma such as rosemary, sage, and lavender.

Stop Bugging Me

Plants can also be used for insect control. Catnip repels a number of insects, including Japanese beetles, aphids, and mosquitoes. It works best if you actually own a cat, since catnip's aroma will be released each time your cat rubs against it, and the cat hair left behind naturally repels rabbits and squirrels. Also consider planting holly, lilac, and magnolia because they tend to be ignored by the voracious Japanese beetle.

Use Your Head

You are never going to outnumber or outwork garden pests. You can however outsmart them, and making your yard less appealing to pests is one way to do that.

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