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Energy Savings

The Right Way to Fix and Upcycle Household Appliances

Tweet However, affordability is not just a competitive edge but also the reason why most people choose to replace their broken home appliances instead of simply repairing them, a choice

Exterior Home

Here’s How to Rainproof Your Home in 6 Easy Steps

Tweet Florida is home to some of the wettest spots in the US that have average rainfall of 60-65 inches every year. While showers are welcome when they are mild-mannered,

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for June 28: Enjoying the Summer Heat

Tweet We hope your enjoyed this weekly tip. Perhaps you have something to share about your summer fun activities and vacation get-aways. We invite you to comment and share this

Just Bedroom

Difference Between a Duvet Cover and Comforter

Tweet The difference is easy enough to understand, but the real question is which is better? The right choice depends on your personal needs. For instance, do you want to

General Home Decor

How to Create a bit of Scandinavian Style in Your Home

Tweet Take a look at an IKEA designed room and you will notice that you can fit any design style in that room without it looking out of place. This

Lawn Care

5 Tips to Your Perfect Yard this Summer Season

Tweet What steps can be taken to perfecting your lawn during the hot summer months? Here are a few tips to help you attain a beautiful lawn that the neighbors

Home Office

Do You Need to Move out of Your Home Office?

Tweet Instead, they run their business from home. This solution works well, but only up to a point. The trick is to recognise when it is time to take the

Renovation Designs

More Than Aesthetics: 6 Practical Renovation Projects Every Homeowner Should Consider

Tweet More often they are small projects that would help make the home just a little more livable. Here are a few that should be at the top of every

Heating and Cooling

4 Things You Really Need to Understand About Your Home HVAC System

Tweet Whether you are looking at installing a new system into a house you already own or buying a home with an already installed unit, your first HVAC brings with


Ideas on Preparing Your Home in the Lead up to a Move

Tweet The ideal way of doing things involves preparing your home in the months leading up to the actual relocation. In this post, we look at how to get the

Roofing and Gutters

Roof Inspections and Insurance Claims: A Basic Guide for Homeowners

Tweet Conducting regular roof inspections, preferably carried out by experts, should be part of your homeowner’s to-do list. And not only when you need to check if it needs repairs

Home Office

Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces to Help You Increase Productivity

Tweet With the right combination of location, furniture and light, you can transform any unused corner of a room into a brilliant, work-friendly space. Here’s how: 1. Location is everything

Doors and Windows

The Perfect Pet Door

Tweet If you’re often at work, and can’t afford a dog walker, allowing your dog access to the backyard can be a big problem. But with the DIY guide, you

Home Values

4 Home Design Trends That Annoy Buyers

Tweet Your bathroom may have bold pink walls, but the seller may see this as outdated and gaudy. You may think that your non-energy efficient appliances are good enough for

Weekly Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for June 14: Teen Bedroom for the Summer

Tweet We hope your enjoyed this weekly tip. Perhaps you have something to share about decorating (and organizing) a teen bedroom. We invite you to comment and share this tip

Living/Family Room

Create a Living Room You Want to Spend Time In

Tweet You want to create a space where you and others are drawn to spend time in. To put together a room where you can read, visit with friends, or

Rec Room

Building a Home Recreation Room for Your Teenage Girl

Tweet Before you create her recreation room, it would be a good idea to talk with her to get her input on what she would like in the room. Let


Time to Give Your Patio a Proper Facelift

Tweet Since the cold depressive winter is soon about to give its way to the sunny colorful spring, it is high time you started planning the new look of your

Attic Basement

Improve Your House Value by Converting Basement or Attic Space

Tweet But all that you need to do is to simply look at options such as converting basement or attic space to add on what was missing in your home

Renovation Designs

Make it Your Own: 4 Steps to Making Your Next Renovation Really Shine

Tweet Not only will you save time otherwise spent on house hunting, but you can also save funds you would otherwise spend on a down payment and closing costs. The