4 Home Design Trends That Annoy Buyers

4 Home Design Trends That Annoy Buyers
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    If you plan to sell your home one day, you want to renovate your home in such a way that will attract sellers.

    Be careful though; there are some home design trends that are turn-offs for buyers and this is something to keep in mind.


Your bathroom may have bold pink walls, but the seller may see this as outdated and gaudy. You may think that your non-energy efficient appliances are good enough for buyers, but there is a growing number of buyers who want or even demand that the new home contain energy efficient appliances.

Here are some home design trends that could annoy potential buyers.

1. Ugly wallpaper

Your wallpaper may look wonderful to you, but for most potential buyers, they can’t stand the sight of it. This is especially true if you have wallpaper that screams the 60s and 70s.

It’s a good idea to spend a day or two taking off the unattractive wallpaper and then applying new boards of sheet rock on the walls. After that, paint them in a relaxing color. When painting your walls, you want to use neutral or pastel tones since it makes the room look calm and organized. You can also hang up some artwork on the walls.

2. Renovated garages

So you’ve been itching to turn that dull garage into your personal man cave or home office. The problem with this idea is that it doesn’t work if you plan to  sell the house one day, because not all buyers plan to use the garage as a fun space. They’re more likely to use the garage primarily for storing a car and other junk.

Before your open house event, you should clean the garage and get rid of the excess clutter so that buyers can see themselves in the garage one day.

3. Constant carpeting in the home

It’s true that carpeting offers a protective covering if you have pets and babies in the home, but everyone knows that carpeting has disadvantages. Disadvantages include difficulty in cleaning and easy accumulation of dust and tiny debris.

These days, potential buyers are weary of carpeting and prefer flooring that is low maintenance. In addition, some buyers see carpeting as lacking in style as it relates to color. You should switch to hardwood or ceramic tile flooring.

4. Gaudy looking bedroom or bathroom

Today’s buyers want a minimalist approach to their rooms while maintaining simple sophistication. This is why they would be turned off by gaudy looking bedrooms or bathrooms. You want to tone down the style of your rooms by getting rid of the heavy duty light fixtures and other decorative pieces that crowd the basic design of the room.

In conclusion, when you sell your home, it needs to look fabulous yet still appealing enough for buyers. Talk with your real estate agent if you need help with staging your home correctly.



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