Improve Your House Value by Converting Basement or Attic Space

Improve Your House Value by Converting Basement or Attic Space
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    No house is perfect. Either it is too small or does not have that play area.

    Or perhaps you simply do not have that quiet corner where you can have your own office space.


But all that you need to do is to simply look at options such as converting basement or attic space to add on what was missing in your home till now!

Converting attic space

Converting attic space into a bedroom is not a unique idea. People are doing it all the time. This is a place where you can get maximum natural light. Though the height of an attic is not too much, it does serve the purpose of a bedroom very well.

Converting basement space

If you have been looking for that space to have that spacious bathroom where you can have that luxurious bath while listening to music or watching your favorite movie, then you simply need to re-look at your basement space.

It is peaceful, quiet and away from the rest of the house. In addition, all the water pipes and drains run through it which means that you do not have to invest much in plumbing and do not have to disturb the entire house in order to build that extra bathroom.

The perfect play area

In case you are tired of the noise that your kids make while playing, simply redecorate your basement and make it perfect as a play area. Or else you can put up tents in the attic and make it that perfect camping ground. Put up wood panels in order to make it appear warm and cozy.

Make it comfortable

You can spend time in a place only if it is safe and comfortable. This means that you need to install fans and lights there.

A ceiling fan is good, but in case the height is too short, you can always opt for a wall mounted fan.

Opt for LED lights as they do not generate heat and will be easy on your pocketbook too.

Have area rugs thrown in so that children running around in the attic do not bring the whole house down! Paint this area in bright hues. Make it attractive so that people want to visit and spend time here.

Home Office

You cannot get a better home office than by converting your basement or attic into office space. It is quiet, a part of your home but still away from it. Just add on some comfortable furniture and you are ready to work from home.

As you can see, attic and basement is more than a place to store away all those unused items and stack up those pipes. You can put it to much better use. Just let your creativity flow and increase the value of your home too!



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