Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces to Help You Increase Productivity

Home Office Ideas for Small Spaces to Help You Increase Productivity
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    If you have always thought that you need a spare room or even a huge master bedroom to create a productive home office, think again!


With the right combination of location, furniture and light, you can transform any unused corner of a room into a brilliant, work-friendly space. Here’s how:

1. Location is everything

You are likely to spend many hours parked in your home office, so don’t be ambivalent about the location. Think about how the conditions under which you are the most productive – do you work best in the thick of activity, or do you like being left alone in a quiet corner? Choose the location accordingly.

Preferably, give yourself a view – a work-space set up next to a window could be a huge motivator – it is always nice to have a something interesting to stare at, instead of a blank wall, when you eventually do look up from your computer!

2. Invest in good furniture

Though ergonomic is the way to go, it is always a wise idea to make a one-time investment in buying good furniture for your home office. Given that you are going to be parked in that space for several hours at a time, you deserve more than a rickety metal table and a leftover chair from somewhere shoved into the space.

Choose furniture that goes with the decor of the room, but more importantly, choose furniture that is comfortable and well-designed – especially the chair. Remember that a good chair is worth every dime you spend and if you need some motivation, consider the amount it is going to save you in doctor’s consultation fees over backaches and cramps!

3. Choose the lighting carefully

A well-lit, good-looking work-space is a motivation in itself! Make sure that your home office has enough light – it will cut down on the eye-strain and frequent headaches. When arranging the work-space, make sure that the computer screen is positioned so that there is no glare from overhead lighting or from the window.

Ideally, place a medium sized light table lamp on the desk. You can choose the lamp depending on the decor of the room, though regular contemporary office lamps will do the job well.

4. Paint the walls with a color of your choice

Forget everything that you had learnt about serene, calm colors that are supposed to help you concentrate better – choose a color that inspires you the most! Think what kind of colors gets your work neurons firing; while for many it can be cool shades of green or blue or the traditional beige, for many others it could well be bright, cheerful colors like oranges and yellows.

Don’t worry if the color stands out and does not go well with the colors of the rest of the room – your work area is a separate unit – let the colors reflect the same.

Once you have the right combination of space, furniture and lighting, decorate your work-space to inspire yourself. Add a few of your favorite knickknacks, add some photographs or maybe a piece of framed art. Remember that though you may be setting up a work-space in your own bedroom, the more you treat it like a traditional office space, the more work you are likely to get done!



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