5 Tips to Your Perfect Yard this Summer Season

5 Tips to Your Perfect Yard this Summer Season
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    Summer is the time of year when we spend a lot of time outdoors, and our lawn is typically the location that sees the most action.

    When we have guests over, we want them to be able to enjoy a lush lawn where they can relax.


What steps can be taken to perfecting your lawn during the hot summer months? Here are a few tips to help you attain a beautiful lawn that the neighbors will envy.

Consistent Maintenance

As with anything, prevention is a huge part of maintaining a healthy lawn. Spot treat your yard for weeds that may be encroaching onto your lawn and take care of any brown or bare spots that are present. If your lawn took a lot of sun damage last year, it may be possible that the grass cannot handle the temperatures that are present where you reside. According to professionals from Sod Atlanta, zoysia sod is best for the environmental conditions of a yard within warmer areas.

Mowing Height and Trimming

When the grass is growing rampant, it may seem logical to cut the grass as low as possible. Avoid this mindset, because the blades of grass in your lawn need to be at a certain height so that sunshine can be absorbed through them. For the sunlight to be able to convert to food, most types of grass need two to three inches or more in the summer months. When it’s time to trim your lawn, make sure that the blade of the mower being used is sharp enough. If the blade is dull, the mower will tear the grass instead of cutting it, which will create unsightly brown edges and make it difficult for the grass to fight off pests. It’s a good idea to sharpen lawn mower blades at least twice a year.

Watering the Lawn

All lawns need water to grow, but be careful not to over water them. In a typical week, most types of grass require a little more than an inch of water. Measure the rainfall every week and determine if more is needed. Make sure not to go over an inch and a half for most turf types. Grass can handle a little less water much better than it deals with being over saturated.


Lawns should be fertilized once every season. If the weather is producing a drought during the summer, it may be beneficial to skip the fertilization. Make sure not to over utilize fertilizer, because doing so can cause the grass to stop growing. If you are not able to fertilize your lawn, make sure to leave the grass clippings in the yard, which will allow them to decompose and provide essential nutrients to the soil beneath your lawn.

Aerate the Lawn

Areas of your lawn that have high traffic are likely to be noticed. The soil will become compact and the grass will have trouble keeping up with the rest of the lawn. To make sure that the entire lawn looks beautiful, it’s important to aerate the soil once a year, especially for areas that have a lot of clay based soil.

Knowing the type of sod on your lawn is a big part of knowing how to maintain the perfect yard during the summer. If you are unsure of how to tend to a specific lawn, Turf Grass Producers International is a good place to identify the type of grass in your yard and determine the best way to care for it. Once you know how to properly care for your lawn, follow the tips above to transform your lawn into the perfect yard that you can be proud of.



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