How to Create a Bit of Scandinavian Style in Your Home

How to Create a Bit of Scandinavian Style in Your Home
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    Have you ever wondered why IKEA has such as mass market appeal?

    Yes, the goods IKEA sell might be reasonable priced, but they are also very transitional.

    Being transitional is what Swedish or Scandinavian general home decor is all about.


Take a look at an IKEA designed room and you will notice that you can fit any design style in that room without it looking out of place. This is great news for passionate collectors of antique furniture as well as Japanese art, any interior design style will fit seamlessly into a Scandinavian designed room. So, what is the big secret?

Let there be light

The Scandinavians are obsessed by the right lighting. All general home decor in countries like Sweden and Norway is based on making the most out of light. The winters are dark but the summers are light, this is why you will find such a strong focus on light in Scandinavian general home decor.

But, how do they do it? It is not magic and when you look around any Scandinavian home you will soon discover the secret.

Curtains and Drapes

Even during the darkest months of the year you will not find any dark colors in Scandinavian homes. They always do their best to hang onto those precious summer colors and fill their homes with yellows, reds, greens and tones of orange. This general home decor concept goes back years and once you have discovered it, you will realize how flexible the idea can be and how easy it can be applied in your own home.

Curtains, or drapes, are very important when it comes to general home decor in Scandinavia. They are often made out of the lightest of fabrics and come in a variation of yellow, red, green or orange. The Scandinavians have learned that these are the best colors to use to let in more light in your home. All four colors come in a fantastic range of shades and can easily be complimented with accessories in the right color tones.

Go nuts for smart accessories

Scandinavians go nuts for smart and brightly colored accessories. The main general home decor in countries like Sweden might be white, but the Swedes do a great job of contrasting white with accessories in the right colors. It is all in the detail and you will find that popular additions are items such as brightly colored throws or cushions.

Scandinavians spend a lot of time in their homes and they do enjoy their creature comforts. Their homes must be comfortable for daily living but also welcoming to guests. This is crucial as residents of all Scandinavians countries like to entertain at home.

Scandinavians also love to collect art and antiques, and they consider them as part of their accessories collection. Homes are always accented by beautiful and well kept antiques or furniture from foreign lands. They are used to highlight Scandinavian home design, and fit in easily with the general home decor.

Perhaps the Scandinavian general home decor is the easiest of all home decors. It starts with light and finishes with light. All you need to do is to focus on letting in as much light into your home as possible, and then increase the intensity of that light with the right colors.

The colors yellow, red, green and orange are all part of nature’s natural colors, what would make a better color palette for your home? Start with the basics and let your home become your own unique creation for daily living.



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