Ideas on Preparing Your Home in the Lead up to a Move

Ideas on Preparing Your Home in the Lead up to a Move
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    Every single year, there are millions of citizens moving across the country in the pursuit of new lives.

    While moving is always at the back of most people’s minds, very few people actually consider planning for it until the last few weeks, which is a big mistake as it places too much of a burden on your shoulders.


The ideal way of doing things involves preparing your home in the months leading up to the actual relocation. In this post, we look at how to get the home ready for a move.

1. De-clutter

Get rid of the odds and ends you never get around to using.

If you are having a difficult time making a choice between what you want and what you do not, ask yourself whether you need some items at all. If you do not, give them away or dump them if they are useless.

For the more valuable pieces, arrange a garage sale, which is a nice idea since it brings in a little extra cash.

2. Think about storage

Find a storage unit for the items that you do not need presently. Always ensure you take with you only the pieces that are instrumental in setting up the new home. Do not waste money renting storage for items that you might sell or dump anyway.

3. Shop light

Use up foodstuffs that might pose a problem while traveling. When it comes to making purchases, choose what will be used up before the day of relocation. Avoid shopping for furniture or electronics at this point, as they will only slow you down.

4. Labeling

You do not want to have problems at the other end after all that hassle of moving. To avoid confusion, label every box with what it carries. Arrange the most vital items at the top of the pack. Items that are to go to the new bedrooms need to be so labelled. The same should work for every other room in the new house.

5. Put away sensitive documents

Your passport, bank statements, checks and land certificates should never go anywhere near the boxes that carry the bulk of your property. You do not want to lose your checkbook somewhere in the middle of your relocation trip. Stash these documents away in your car or find a pouch for them.

6. Avoid getting distracted

You will need to arrange for your children and pets to be away when you move. There are going to be many delicate items to be moved and you do not want your dog running around causing chaos. At the same time, you might not like the idea of the three-year-old calling out to you all the time.

Moving is not the disaster it is made out to be after all. The key to a perfect relocation lies in planning long before the anticipated event.

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