How to Survive Your Home Renovation: Self Storage to the Rescue!

How to Survive Your Home Renovation: Self Storage to the Rescue!
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    As people who love our home in the “Mile High City” we can tell you that nobody who lives here is going to choose to do renovation or remodeling projects during the winter.


Denver winters are notoriously harsh and the last thing you need are giant construction and renovation projects letting the elements in.

Unfortunately, sometimes the weather here has other plans. Maybe a storm blows a tree into your house. Maybe your roof wasn’t properly prepped for snow and starts to fall apart. It happens!

Perhaps the hardest thing about renovating your home, especially if the renovation is extensive, is figuring out how to live around all of the work that is being done. Ideally, if you had all of the money in the world, you and your family would pack up and move out to a temporary apartment until the work was completed.

But what if your situation is not ideal?

Shift, Move, Put Back

Some families try to cope with their renovations by simply moving all of their belongings from one room to another as the work crews move from project to project. All this is going to do is make you crazy and, really, aren’t renovations stressful enough?

There is a better approach, particularly for families who are renovating their homes during the winter and can’t simply store things out in the yard or a shed or basement. For our family, the solution was to find the best self storage Denver had to offer so we could stop trying to fit triangles into circles in our basement. A quick search will turn up plenty of different options that are available in your area. Here are the two factors you should prioritize:

1. Climate Controlled Storage
Climate controlled storage is a great place to store things like books, extra bed linens, and other things that you do not want to be subjected to potential moisture damage—a huge risk of trying to store things during the snowy Denver winters. They are also great places to store valuables and keep them away from the curious eyes of work crews (even if you trust your contractor, you might not know every person he or she hires).

2. Delivered Pods
The great thing about pods is that they are delivered to your door (well, your driveway). You can load them up and then have them taken and stored for the duration of the renovation. Then, after the renovation is done, you have the pod brought back and you can unload your belongings. This can save you hours of trips back and forth (who wants to drive during the winter if they don’t absolutely have to?). Just make sure you don’t mind not having access to your belongings for a while. Unlike a climate controlled self storage unit, pods are kept away from customer access.

Double Duty

Obviously, the less storage space you have to rent, the better for your family from a financial point of view. That’s why many families use major home renovations as an excuse to sort through their homes and “pare down.” 

Go through every room in your house. Every item you own needs to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  1. You use it at least once a year
  2. It has tremendous sentimental value
  3. Someone would write you out of their will if you got rid of it so you need to be able to trot it out for the rare visit (even if you keep it hidden at the very back corner of a closet all the rest of the time).

If none of those criteria are met, get rid of the item! Collect the things you’re not keeping and either sell them (you can use the money you make to help fund your renovation) or donate them (you can claim the donation on your taxes, reducing your tax liability).

Now you need to sort out whatever is left. One “pile” will be for the things that you will keep in the house during the renovation. The other will be for the things that you decide to put in storage.

Basically, all you need to keep on hand are the things you use every single day as well as a couple weeks worth of clothes. For example, keep a set of dishes, a set of cookware, and some basic furniture (beds, a couch, your kitchen table and chairs) and that’s it. The less you have to shift from room to room during the renovation the better for your and your family’s sanity.

Yes, it’s going to feel like you’re almost camping for a while but trust us when we tell you: near-camping is a lot less hassle than having to completely pack up and move around all of your stuff every few weeks as various aspects of your renovation are finished. It can also help bring your family closer together as you are forced to get creative about how you fill up your free time together!



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