How to Fix Your Clogged Toilet

How to Fix Your Clogged Toilet
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    A clogged toilet is a pain in the rear or at least it may seem that way when you flush it and nothing goes down.

    You now have a toilet basin filled with stinky waste.


Worse, your guests will be arriving in a few hours and you really do not want to redirect them to the bathroom off of your master bedroom.

Usually most clogged toilet problems are quickly handled with the aid of one easy to use handheld device. Yes, that would a plunger, an indispensable tool for every home.

1. Choose your plunger. If you do not own a plunger, head to your hardware store to buy one. Choose one with a wooden handle and a rubber plunger. That plunger should have a lip, one that can be pushed in and used in the sink when needed.

2. Prepare your plunger. Pull the lip section of the plunger out before using it in the toilet. The lip part helps to improve suction, enabling you to unclog the toilet easier.

3. Put the plunger in place. Place the plunger over the center of toilet. It should rest directly over the drain hole. Push the plunger in and then pull it back, taking care not to pull so hard that water and waste splashes on the floor and on you. Push in and pull back several times. The toilet should soon clear with waste and water exiting.

4. Flush the toilet. Once done, flush the toilet to clear out the remaining water and waste. Place the plunger in a waste basket or a plastic bag and remove from the house. Take it outside and hose it down. Allow to dry.

For Tough Clogs

Not every toilet will magically unclog with a plunger. For tough clogs you can call a plumber, but if you own an auger you can do the job yourself.

1. Insert the auger. A toilet (closet) auger should be loosened and then the snake portion inserted into the toilet bowl before beginning your work. Take care not to scratch the floor or to damage the ceiling when extending the auger.

2. Turn the handle. With the auger in place, turn the top of the handle — what sends the metal wire down the drain, clearing the toilet.

3. Unwind the auger. Augers come equipped with a release button that when activated will immediately unwind it. Click the button and the toilet should immediately clear. Flush the toilet to remove the residual waste. Repeat the process to ensure that the toilet has cleared. Remove the auger, place it back in its box or in a bag before leaving the bathroom.

Clog Considerations

If your toilet remains clogged after using both a plunger and an auger, you need to call for help. A plumber can determine if the clog is much further down in the drain system, perhaps a clog where your pipe connects with the municipal system.

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