Gardening Is Not Limited To Those With A Green Thumb

Gardening Is Not Limited To Those With A Green Thumb


Those with a green thumb have been planning on how they will make their yard perfect for months; daydreaming of tulips in many colors. The process is part of the fun, and the day the flowers start to bloom signifies the love passion and devotion that was put into creating that beautiful garden. 

Not everyone is blessed with the ability to envision something they can not see. Luckily, being the envy of your neighbors is possible whether you live for this moment, or you just want the aesthetics of the outside of your home to match that of your interior. If you find yourself wanting a beautiful array of flowers and/ or vegetables but don’t know where to begin, here is a checklist that will get you started. 

  1. Possibly the most important thing to figure out is the space you are wanting to use. Map out what area of your yard that will contain your garden and move on from there.
  2. Once you have picked your space, it is important to assess your exposure. Vegetables need 8 hours of sunlight at a minimum, where flowers vary in need. Study what sort of light your space receives and pick flowers accordingly.
  3. Knowing your dirt will help you to decide how much mulch you will need to make it fertile. Ask a friend who has knowledge in this area or ask a profession for help.
  4. Decide what you will plant, if growing vegetables make a list of the things you not only like to eat, but ones that are a regular part of your diet. You don’t want your work to go to waste. For flowers, think about what colors are appealing to your eyes and match them with the amount of exposure your space offers.
  5. Create a schedule. Flowers all bloom at different times, most of course don’t survive in colder weather. But some bloom in spring, others in the summer. Some live longer, while some bloom and quickly die. Having a schedule of when they will bloom and die will help you to plant on a schedule, keeping your garden looking fresh as long as possible. 
  6. Buy the necessary tools. A garden fork, hose, weeder, hoe, gardening gloves, and a shovel or spade are the essentials. 

Gardening can be fun and for many it is the highlight of their weeks. Not everyone is naturally gifted in this area, but everyone has the ability to learn. If you have any questions, it is important to not only do research on your own, but speak with gardening professionals. Or at the very least, seek out advice of a neighbor who has a garden that catches your eyes year after year. Surely, they have knowledge to share and you will be complimenting them in the process.

If you have opted for a vegetable garden, think about building a fence prior to beginning to plant. Nothing is more frustrating than knowing that a rabbits and raccoons are the ones benefiting from all of your hard work. We plant food to eat, and it would be a shame if your were not able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

As a final note, gardening has been known to be hard on the skin and the body. If you are concerned with aches such as an already bad back flaring up, do your research and think about maybe a raised garden. For everyone, too much sun exposure is always something to worry about. As the health risks are great. Invest in a hat, you know, one of those oversized hats that keep sun exposure to a minimal.



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