Simple Spring Planting Guide For A Novice

Simple Spring Planting Guide For A Novice
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    Determining the right moment to plant when its spring can be likened to a stock market prediction.

    Seasoned planters rely on science and to a certain extent superstition.


It does not hurt to get your hands dirty once in a while. You should be accustomed to the smell of good soil when outdoors. Planting is an enjoyable exercise and can be carried out with the entire family. The entire exercise will involve lots of stretching, squatting and heavy lifting which is good for workout enthusiasts.

When Is It Right To Begin?

Determining the right moment to plant when its spring can be likened to a stock market prediction. Seasoned planters rely on science and to a certain extent superstition. Farmers have to get their predictions right unlike the rest of society who would rather head down to a nursery.

Different places countrywide differ in climatic conditions due to factors such as terrain and altitude. Those who plant their seeds towards the end of March will notice sprouting by mid-April or sooner depending on the weather conditions.

Toward the end of May, you will be dining some of your harvested spinach and lettuce. However, kales and Swiss chard (at times referred to as bitter greens) take a much longer period to mature.

Planting Herbs

For a first timer, starting small might be a great idea. When doing it yourself you have to take on a realistic goal that will not overwhelm you.

Consider planting cool weather crops in containers either on your front stoop or deck. The aim is to enjoy a homegrown salad later on. Greens such as lettuce, arugulas, spinach, kale and Swiss chard thrive greatly in low temperature areas.

How to Plant a Culinary Herb Garden!

Follow All Instructions

When sowing your seeds ensure that you follow all package instructions. The whole process is as easy as poking the dirt, creating a small trench, planting your seeds and then covering the seeds with a little soil.

Do not worry about over planting; you can always thin your plants later. Remember that the container soil dries out faster than that in your garden.

Keep tabs on your moisture level to ensure the plants are well-watered. As the hotter June-July days emerge your crops will begin sputtering. Feel free to replace them with annuals which will liven up the place.

When those flowers begin looking gloomy towards late September, you can plant another round of green salads and anticipate a Thanksgiving harvest.

Things to Consider

When buying your early spring seeds, purchase an extra two packages. The extras will be planted during the fall. Before you know it they will have sold out at the stores just before the summer is over.

One great way of starting your gardening experience is by growing bitter greens and salads in containers. These plants demand less when it comes to space and labor.

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Now that you are informed on how to go about your spring planting, feel free to enlighten a friend or two on social media sites like Facebook. A few pictures of your spring herbs sprouting may motivate a few friends to join in the fray.

Besides, homegrown herbs is a great way of promoting healthy living. For more information you can check out

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