Children and Teens at Risk With This Silent Killer

Children and Teens at Risk With This Silent Killer


By Doug Richards

It happens so quickly it’s hard to believe: Carbon Monoxide Poisoning.

  • Car exhaust
  • Flames in a blocked chimney
  • Water Heaters
  • Space Heaters
  • Gas Dryers
  • Gas Cooking Equipment
  • Gas Heaters

This list is placed first to emphasize the importance of learning how to protect your family against a risk that need not occur in a culture that is so well-informed.

Janelle succumbed to carbon monoxide poisoning in 2004, due to tragical circumstances that should not have occurred. She was in a car that was running — with the windows closed. How many times have we done that? Janelle’s family and friends have embarked on a mission to secure the addition of a device on car keys that warn of carbon monoxide buildup inside the vehicle long before it reaches the danger point. [1]

Until a vehicle device is manufactured

A Florida law requires that all public buildings be provided with carbon monoxide warning detectors. If Florida is taking the problem this seriously, it certainly instructs individual families to take the same responsibility to protect homes and family vehicles. [2]

How long would it take to laminate a warning to put on all family vehicle key chains? It wouldn’t beep, but putting it on red paper would remind us not to leave the car running in the garage, with our babies and children inside, while we take “just a few minutes” to run back in the house to check or get something.

What about our homes?

You can’t be too proactive in protecting your family. Having an electrical contractor check your home checked for current possibilities of CM leakage by a professional is the best way to begin protecting your family. The list is clear and we can see a need for taking measures here, but there’s more to consider. “Carbon Monoxide is the most toxic substance you’ll come into contact with in your daily life – in your home, at work, garage, car, caravan and boat.”

Ensure your family against CM poisoning

With clear warnings in view, calling an electrician to check your current conditions and protect your home by providing the most effective devices, will give you peace of mind. Moreover, Warn Your Children as soon as you think they can understand, and continue to reinforce the warning. Just remember Janelle….


[1] Janelle’s Wishing Well: About Us

[2] Florida Department of State: Carbon Monoxide Detectors



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