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The Man Cave: How to Effectively Set up Your New Home Entertainment System

Tweet This is certainly an awesome time but is also one in which a quick and shoddy setup can lead to disappointment and a set of system capabilities that just

Home Theater

Tips for Designing a Home Cinema Room

Tweet Whether you have a small space or a large space that you can dedicate as a cinema room, there are some tips to keep in mind. These will ensure

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How to Build the Perfect Sound System for Your Room

Be it home theater, hi-fidelity sets, or bluetooth speakers, sound is the classic example of something we never really notice, but absolutely cannot do without. Many, however, fail to realize the importance of a nice sound system.

Home Theater

Effective Tips when Selecting a Home Theater System

Having a home theater is a great way to make your home look more valuable and elegant. Currently there are several models of home theaters, so getting one should not be a major problem.

Home Theater

5 Things To Remember When Upgrading Your Home Movie Theater

Having a home theater can make spending time with friends and family even more enjoyable. Since this technology continues to advance, many homeowners are constantly looking for ways to upgrade their home theaters with the latest technology.

Home Theater

How to Build a Home Theater and Must-Haves to Include

If you combine the latest technology with your own unique design touches, you can end up with a pretty stupendous home theater system. The biggest limitation on the design process is your imagination, so you should let it run wild.

Home Theater

Eating Healthy While at the Movies

Tweet By Alex Levin Whether you go to the movies or watch movies in your home theater, the following advice is certainly appropriate as you enjoy your favorite flicks. Studies

Basement Home Theater

Smart Tips for Your Basement Home Theater

Tweet One area of your home that may be suitable for setting up a dedicated home theater is your basement. This area of your home may already be used as

Home Theater

How To Set Up a Home Theater

Tweet Bring movie sounds to life in your home. In coming weeks, we’re planning to share information with you about setting up a home theater. Sounds expensive, right? Well, you