6 Ways to Renovate a Laundry Room

6 Ways to Renovate a Laundry Room
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    Few rooms in house are so widely ignored when it comes to renovating as the laundry room.

    That should come as no surprise as your laundry area adds little value to your home besides making it easier for you to clean your clothes, right?


Well, if you’re planning to sell your home, the laundry room can enhance or detract from your home’s appeal, perhaps making the difference with some buyers.

Fortunately, a laundry room renovation isn’t that difficult or expensive especially if you already have a dedicated area to do your work. Let’s take a look at some home renovation tips for your laundry room.

1. Washer and Dryer

— If your washer and dryer units are old and you plan to leave them when you move, then think again: buyers will view these machines as detractions or distractions and could possibly find it difficult to look past these units. Consider investing upwards of $1,000 to replace both units, having the old ones hauled off and the new ones installed. White units work fine and, as long as you use a respected heavy duty brand, these machines can only enhance your laundry room.

2. Colors

— Must all laundry rooms be painted in antiseptic white? Why not use a bold and cheerful color such as yellow to brighten up the room? Nothing too overpowering, but enough color to get the attention of everyone who enters your laundry room. Paint the doors too! Replace aged or worn hardware.

3. Storage

— A lack of storage space can be remedied in one of two ways: by adding shelving or by adding cabinets above your washer and dryer. This space is useful for holding or storing detergent, bleach, a bottle of starch, dryer sheets, an iron and an ironing board. Cabinets are preferred as these keep such items out of sight, giving your laundry room a clean and organized look.

4. Work Area

— If room permits, setting up a table to organize and fold clothing can come in handy. If your space is limited, a drop leaf table attached to the wall can be suitable. Larger laundry rooms can benefit from counter space which can also include storage compartments. Some laundry rooms feature under counter washers and dryers.

5. Sink

— If the plumbing connections are sufficient and the laundry room particularly large, a sink can be viewed as a “plus” by home shoppers. You might not use it to soak clothes, but a buyer might find this feature fascinating. Don’t skimp by selecting a cheap faucet!

6. Drying Rack

— Again, if room allows, a drying rack can allow you to dry gentle fabrics without using the dryer. A fold up rack, kept out of sight until needed, makes for an excellent addition to your laundry room.

Finally, consider your lighting, If the fixture isn’t sufficient or bulbs need to be replaced, then make sure that the light and switch are updated too. A ceiling fan might be helpful as well, providing a natural way to cool the room especially if ventilation is not sufficient.

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