Unique Uses of Wallpaper

Unique Uses of Wallpaper
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    The use of wallpapers is growing in popularity due to the newly designed options and affordability.

    Finding the right wall covering can be overwhelming with all of the options available.


Once great wallpaper has been selected, there is often a large amount leftover after applying it. This extra wallpaper may seem destined for the trash, but there are actually a number of great DIY projects that can be done. Using up whatever is left over is a cost efficient idea that can yield many great results. Designing a home with leftover accents of wallpaper is a smart idea that can look beautiful. Taking a look at different projects will help an individual find an option that fits their preferences and style perfectly.

One of the most popular projects finished with leftover wall coverings are pictures. A picture frame doesn’t always need to hold a picture inside to look nice. Cutting some leftover fabric into the right measurements for a frame will create a unique piece. Some people like mixing and matching wallpaper with different patterns on hanged frames. This could be a fun idea, while simply placing framed wallpaper pieces on a solid colored wall could be a neutral choice. In order to make a framed picture pop, it is a good idea to choose wallpaper with a nice texture.

If a lot of wallpaper is left over, many DIY experts choose to line their drawers. Inside dressers are often a plain lining or even just the material present on the rest of the dresser. Taking measurements of the inside of a drawer will help an individual determine how much wallpaper is needed for the project. The length needed is often high for large dressers, so this project is best suited for people who have an excess of wallpaper left over. Cutting the wallpaper in straight lines and using putty will help the paper lie flat in the drawers without a problem. This simple project requires little tools and can completely transform the inside of a dresser for a decent price.

Another fantastic idea for extra wallpaper is to use it as a backdrop in bookcases. Many people don’t realize that the back of a bookcase or other furniture can look quite bare. By taking measurements and cutting the wallpaper to size, an individual can quickly transform the look of their bookcase. This is a smart idea for someone who wants to make a big difference in their home without spending a ton of money. Using the same style of wallpaper behind each shelf is the best route to go. But some people may be looking for a wild and eccentric look, which is also easily accomplished. It all depends on a person’s preference.

When leftover wallpaper borders are available, it can be difficult to come up with a good use for it. The pieces are often so short in width that they can’t be used for any major project. While the options are limited, there are still a lot of fun and interesting DIY projects that can be accomplished. Covering wastebaskets with scraps can create a fun and mix-matched addition to any room. Another nice idea is to cover light switch plates with bits of wallpaper borders. The small pieces easily fit over the plates and can create a fun pop of colors in an otherwise plain and ordinary room.

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Bookmarks can easily be made with the use of wallpaper borders. All that needs to be done is to laminate the wallpaper, punch a hole at the top of the piece, and loop some ribbon through. This can create a fun little bookmark that can be kept for the individual or given to a friend. Many people make the mistake of just tossing extra wallpaper border pieces due to their small size. Several projects are still possible with the use of small strips and can be quite fun. You simply have to use your imagination!

Whether large rolls of wallpaper are leftover or small strips of borders, there are countless ways to reuse them. Instead of throwing away leftovers, wallpaper can be used to create a fun new item or to spice up an existing piece of furniture. Bookcases and old wastebaskets can look new again with the addition of some wallpaper wrapping. Bookmarks and other small projects are easily crafted with the addition of some wallpaper scraps and a little ingenuity. Storing unused wallpaper in a box is a smart idea that allows an individual to reuse pieces when inspiration strikes, and can be a fun way to let your imagination roam!

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