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Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Feb 21: Not the Most Exiting Room in the House

Tweet Laundry – Utility – Mud Room In many new homes that are being constructed, architects are combining the laundry, utility, and mud room into one versatile room. First, it

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Feb 14: Happy Valentines (by Traveling)

Tweet Escapes You Can Afford on a Budget Although the ultimate place could end with you and your spouse jet-setting off to an exotic beach on the opposite side of

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Feb 07: Say Good-Bye to Your Boss

It would be nice to kiss your boss good-bye. But you need the paycheck. How about starting your own home business. Investigate what you need to do to setting up your home business … at home!

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Jan 31: Let’s Have a Room Painting Party

While it is cold outside, paint inside. Now is a good time to get some painting done on the inside before the Spring weather sets in.

Home Safety

Weekly Tip for Jan 24: Do You Have A Fire Escape Plan?

How secure is your home or apartment? How safe are your fire – smoke and carbon monoxide detectors? Get the latest on home security technology and how best to protect your home from danger.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Jan 17: For Your Home and Garden

In addition, there is a lot of work that you had planned for Sunday but did not get time to finish it. So you can try and change your Sunday schedule and see how things fall in place and leave you feeling a lot better too!

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Jan 10: Is It Getting Cold?

Cold Winter months lay ahead. Nothing could be more relaxing than sitting by a warm fire while the snow and cold brew outside. See what’s new in fireplace offerings and technology.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Jan 03: Starting The New Year Off

Tweet Your 2016 plans may involve a better career. The economy is somewhat on an up-tick. Perhaps it’s time you find something more enjoyable and awarding. A good place to

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Dec 13: Down the Drain: What Your Stinky Sink Could Mean

Sinks are where we go to clean up. We wash our hands, brush our teeth, and scrub our faces in front of the sink and though we try to keep them clean and tidy, despite our best efforts, sinks can still succumb to the army of germs and mess we wash down them on a daily basis. When your sink is stinky, it can turn an otherwise unremarkable task into an ordeal.

Sun Room Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Dec 06: How to Choose a Conservatory

Among many potential additions to the house, a conservatory will hardly strike you as an essential one. But a conservatory can be a very useful long-term investment.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Nov 29: Tis’ the Season for Holiday Decor!

Tis the season to decorate your home for the holidays. Get some ideas from our home decor and outdoor lighting.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Nov 23: Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving is the time of year to give thanks to all that we have and enjoy including country, community and family. May your Thanksgiving travels be safe wherever the road takes you this holiday season.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Nov 15: Got to Do Laundry!

Especially with kids in Fall football, soccer and other outdoor activities that soil the clothes. New technology in laundry facilities can help reduce the workload with better cleaning using less energy and water.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Nov 08: Snuggle … Snuggle!

With night air getting cooler, it’s fun to snuggle inside a comfortable bed surrounded by beautiful furniture and room decor. It may be the moment to change out our bedroom furniture for something more grand. See what’s in store with our home bedroom furniture showcase.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Nov 02: Outside Winter Prep

Get your outside deck and/or patio ready for the winter. Freezing temperatures and freezing rain and snow can cause havoc to wood and concrete. Get the information you need to protect the surface and keep your deck beautiful and ready for the Spring.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 25: Make It a Festive Halloween

Whether you have kids or are just a kid at heart, decorating for Halloween can rekindle excitement for the holiday and make sure the trick-or-treaters keep coming back for more. You can infuse some festivity into your living space with some simple garden décor and home décor ideas.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 18: Your Personal Sun Room

The home conservatory (ie, sun room) is one of the most treasured additions to any home construction. It might be something you might consider in your home remodeling. The conservatory (sun room) can function as a plant room, sitting room, or morning breakfast area.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 11: Storage Where It Counts

You can never have enough storage … especially on the main floor where you need access to coats, winter clothing, school supplies, food, mail and other. If your storage space is limited, then look into closet organization systems that segment every closet space you have.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Oct 04: Either Open or Plug Your Ears

It all depends on the sounds coming from the other room. The other room can be designated as your music room – a completing isolated room where your children can practice their music without disturbing the rest of the family.

Sunday Tips

Weekly Tip for Sept 27: Entertaining Your Guests

Imagine having your own home bar to entertain guests. It could be a part of your recreation room where you can pamper your guests without having to run to the kitchen.