Weekly Tip for Nov 23: Happy Thanksgiving!

<span>Weekly Tip for Nov 23:</span> Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Thanksgiving is the time of year to give thanks to all that we have and enjoy including country, community and family.

    May your Thanksgiving travels be safe wherever the road takes you this holiday season.


Where do you plan to have your Thanksgiving meal? Well…!, if your Thanksgiving is at home, the likely spot will be the dining room. The dining room is the one area of the home where Thanksgiving and Christmas meals take on a special meaning.

Dining room designs have changed over the years. We are familiar with the formal dining room with classical dinette sets and buffet tables. And then the informal look became popular – combining the kitchen and dining room together to make one, usable dining area for everyday use.

But the formal tradition is back in style – though smaller in scale than earlier years. It’s the one room where a formal gathering like a Thanksgiving can be made with family and friends that makes this traditional room popular again.

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