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Springtime Roof Repairs That Will Protect Your Home from Future Water Damage

Springtime is an important time of year to inspect and repair your roof. Winters can damage your roof from high winds, heavy melting snow, and ice buildup.

Roofing and Gutters

4 Ways You Know It’s Time for a New Roof

Becoming a homeowner is a great feeling. You no longer have to pay rent, you get to decorate the way you want, and you have your own space to entertain family and friends.

Roofing and Gutters Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Dec 01: Roof Maintenance Tips That Prolong the Life of Buildings

Your home’s living room should be the one place where you can gather with your loved ones and feel comfortable. The decorations that you choose for your living space should show something about who you are, and the space should also be well-organized so that clutter is kept down.

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Emergency Roof Repair: 4 Steps to Take After a Tree Hits Your Roof in a Storm

If a major storm causes a tree to fall onto your roof and leave damage, there are things that you can do as a homeowner to try to resolve the situation quickly.

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The Benefits of Satellite Roof Measurements

Thinking about having to put money into roof repairs on your house and business can make you feel uneasy. It is however, necessary to keep a roof in good condition so that leaks and other issues don’t turn into larger more expensive jobs.

Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for April 07: Don’t Neglect Your Nest: 4 Reasons to Get Your Roof Inspected

A home’s roof is effectively a shield that blocks rain, wind, and debris from damaging the interior of the structure. Roofing is also exposed to the hottest summer days and coldest winter nights.

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Every 20 Years or So: Top Warning Signs It’s Time for a Roof Renovation

Most homeowners do not spend a great deal of time thinking about the roofing conditions and complications. Few of us start the day looking forward to finding problems, especially those that include parting with our money.

Home Maintenance

6 Essential Parts of Annual Home Maintenance

Tweet Taking the time once a year to check and repair key systems can help you keep your home in top shape in a cost-effective way. 1. Find and Repair

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How to Know If My House Needs a Roof Restoration?

Tweet While most of the restoration part is done with the help of professionals, there is a need for you to know if it is being done correctly, as well

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Three Ways to Check If Your Roof is Due a Replacement

Many homeowners don’t pay a lot of attention to the roof over their heads, that is until it starts leaking water into the house. Since most roofs are highly durable and able to last for years without needing replacing, it’s easy to simply forget how old your roof is getting until it starts to show some obvious signs of wear and tear.

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Residential Roof Repair: A Quick Guide

It’s not unusual to need roof repairs but many homeowners are still at a loss when the need arises. This probably stems from the fact that no one really assumes they’ll have to get their roofs fixed and thus don’t see the need to prepare for it.

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Quick Checklist:     Question – Is Your Home Overdue for a Roof Inspection?

If you are like most homeowners, the roof does not get a lot of attention. The only time that having a professional take a look comes to mind is when something goes wrong.

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Your Roof: To Repair or Replace? That is the Question

A home’s roof is a critical part of the structure. It regulates temperatures in the home, keeps moisture out, and fights off storm damage. Unfortunately, many homeowners neglect the roof because it is so difficult to see.

Roofing and Gutters

7 Major Benefits of Quality Roof Repair and Maintenance

There are many benefits of quality roof maintenance and repair, including reducing avoidable roof problems, safeguarding the roof warranty, and making the roof more attractive than it was.

Roofing and Gutters

Roof Inspections and Insurance Claims: A Basic Guide for Homeowners

Everyone knows that no home can do without a roof. That’s why keeping your roof in good shape is essential – it needs to be able to protect you and your family in all sorts of weather.

Home Inspections

Time for Your Checkup: A Guide to Yearly Home Inspections

Most homeowners have the house inspected before they buy it, or when they first move in. Then, certain areas of the home might go un-checked for years until a problem arises.