The Benefits of Satellite Roof Measurements

The Benefits of Satellite Roof Measurements
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    Thinking about having to put money into roof repairs on your house and business can make you feel uneasy.

    It is however, necessary to keep a roof in good condition so that leaks and other issues don't turn into larger more expensive jobs.


There is a great way to help deal with estimates on how much it would cost to replace your roof. Satellite Roof Measurements help you easily know the measurement of your roof. The aerial measurement even accounts for rakes, ridges, hips, and valleys for a very accurate measurement.

Why would you want this information about your roof? There are a couple of benefits to having the measurements of your roof. The following are some of the benefits of knowing your very own Satellite Roof Measurement of your home or business.

What are Satellite Roof Measurements?

Satellite Roof Measurement are measurements taken from an aerial view of your home. The measurements are then calculated with software. You can actually do this on google maps with the aerial view of the house. There is even a measuring tool that can tell you how many feet by how many feet the roof is.

If the house is not actually square then you have to add each section together. Many roofers add 10 % of the whole measurement to make sure they have enough materials. This helps if you are going to the home improvement store and have to know how many shingles you need.

Knowing the measurement helps you know how much of the other materials you need as well. Most materials for roofs are broken down by square footage. This way you will not end up buying too little or way too much. It always good to buy a little extra.

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DIY Projects

If you are an avid do-it-yourself person, then the satellite roof measurement will help you know the size of your roof. This way if you are putting gutters on. You do not have to get up and measure the entire roof. You can do what the pros do and measure your roof with an aerial view of your house.

You just want to verify that the house you are looking at on Google maps is your house. Just match particular things like driveways or shapes. If your house juts out in a certain way, that is a perfect way to identify your house from up above. With you having your measurements and knowing what materials you need, you can order what you need online and get to work.

Get Ready for Contractors

If you are hiring someone to do work on your house, especially contractors, you should do your homework. Another benefit of a satellite roof measurement is that it can give you the upper hand when dealing with contractors.

You can add up the measurements and get an estimate for the cost of materials, labor, and so forth. This will help you know whether a contractor is being fair to you or trying to gouge you for more money than they should. It is always good to be aware of what the cost is of anything you get done by another person.

This way they will not take advantage of you. You can ask the right questions and question their price points. When you find the right contractor who is charging you a fair price, that is the one to go with.

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Good to Know

A benefit of the diyroofs instant satellite roof measurement is knowledge. Knowledge helps you feel in control. Even if you do not need anything done on your roof right now, it is good to know the measurements. Whenever something goes wrong, there is always so much to do.

If you get to know your house well during the times that there is nothing bad going on, you will be more prepared. Hurricanes, hail, snow damage, and tornadoes are all potential times of damage to your roof. You do not want to wait until something bad happens to be prepared.

Knowing your roof well will make you more comfortable during times of trouble. Measuring your roof will be one less thing you will have to do when and if trouble strikes.

Handy Man Can

Don’t be shocked if someone shows up at your door and tries to sell you something having to do with your house. You might be used to that. If someone shows up at your door and tries to sell you roofing and they know your roof size, don’t be alarmed.

Many contractors, handyman, and other people are using the satellite measurement to get to know you. They can even look up whoever owns the house and match it to the google aerial view of the house.

Technology creates a new word of invasion of privacy, so knowing your measurements will make you aware of why other people know your roof measurements to. This is standard practice these days for salespeople to know a bit about you before they try to sell you something. You can still benefit from the roof measurement feature on the internet.

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The less you have to do on a roof the better. It is safer to measure your roof by the satellite, then trying to bring out a tape measure. If you have ever tried to measure you roof from down below, then you know it can be difficult. Make things easy for yourself and use the measurements from the sky.

Using a satellite roof measurement is not only fun to do, but it is easy to do as well. Having the measurement of your roof will help you be more aware of what you need when something goes wrong with your roof. You can calculate the cost of your roof before a contractor ever gives you a quote. This helps you not get taken advantage of.

Look into figuring out the measurement of you roof through a satellite roof measurement today. You can get help, if you do not know how to do it.

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