Time for Your Checkup: A Guide to Yearly Home Inspections

Time for Your Checkup: A Guide to Yearly Home Inspections
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    Most homeowners have the house inspected before they buy it, or when they first move in. Then, certain areas of the home might go un-checked for years until a problem arises.


The best way to avoid expensive repairs is to have routine inspections for the home on a regular basis—a proactive approach to home maintenance is usually a lot cheaper than reacting to a problem in full swing. Regular inspections will help you catch problems early on, or even stop them from happening in the first place. Keep reading to learn about the best inspections, and how they can make maintaining your home a much easier job.

Roof Inspection

Your roof is among the most critical structural features on your property, and it can be difficult to inspect it on your own due to the elevated height. An annual roof inspection can identify minor repair issues that require attention, such as loose or missing shingles. This inspection should be done once a year, and the best time to do it is in the summer.

Obviously it is difficult to inspect the roof during rainy or snowy months, but if there are any problems, this will help you avoid the need to fix a leaky roof during the inconvenient winter months. Small repair issues can easily result in larger and more costly issues, so this type of issue can minimize repair costs and keep your property in great shape. When given the choice, most homeowners would rather pay a small hourly fee to have the roof inspected, rather than shelling out a fortune to replace the entire thing.

Pest Inspection

Depending on where you live, you may also consider scheduling an annual pest inspection for your home. Some areas are prone to rodents and critters in the home, while other environments cause a lot of bugs to infest the inside and outside of the house. The problem with pests is that you don’t always know they are there—they often make themselves comfortable in your home and cause damage before you realize they are there.

For example, according to the professionals of CSI Pest Control in Fredericksburg VA, termites can do considerable damage to furniture and home structure before homeowners are even aware of their presence. With regular pest inspection, you can learn more about the different types of pests, rodents and bugs that may be living in your home, and you can treat your property accordingly. A professional can help you determine how often your home needs to be sprayed for bugs or rodents—it might just be once a year, but it could be as often as every two months.

HVAC Inspection

If your home has a heating and cooling system installed, it is wise to set up an annual HVAC inspection with a local service provider. With this type of service, the components and air ducts can be cleaned and maintained. Problem areas can be identified, and repair work can be completed before minor problems turn into major issues. This can also help your system to function with improved energy efficiency, and there is a financial benefit to you when you complete these service. Don’t wait until you run into a problem to have the system inspected and maintained. There is nothing worse than experiencing problems with your cooling system during the hottest week of the summer, or bundling up in the winter while you wait for someone to come fix your heater.

Checking for Mold

Generally, homeowners don’t have the home inspected for mold unless they actually have reason to believe there is mold in the home. However, it isn’t a bad idea to have this inspection done every few years, especially if it has been a problem in the past. The problem is that while some mold is obvious and visible, it can also be hidden in places that are hard to see.

Consider hiring a professional to check for mold if your home has experienced any water damage or flooding, if there are muggy smells, or if your family is exhibiting health problems that could be caused by mold. Not only will this inspection save you money if you can catch it early, but it will ensure you are keeping your family safe by providing a clean living environment.

While you may be familiar with many aspects of your property’s condition from your time living in the home, the fact is that some areas may be difficult for you to inspect on your own. Although you may not be aware of some types of damage, the fact is that these issues can actually become more problematic over time. By scheduling yearly home inspections, you’ll keep the house maintained and safe to live in. Mark your calendar at the beginning of the year so you don’t forget to schedule these inspections, and you’ll be able to catch the small issues before they become large, costly problems.



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