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4 Ideas for Basement Updates and Renovations

About 30 percent of new homes are built to include a full or partial basement. Although many homes have finished basements, many do not.

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Sunday Morning Tip for June 25: Using Your Basement Wisely

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Sunday Morning Tip for May 07: Problems In the Basement?

Tweet May We Suggest Some Key Topics on "Basement Management"? Leaky Foundation: How to Rebuild Your Basement After a Flood What are the Causes of Basement Flooding and How to


Leaky Foundation: How to Rebuild Your Basement After a Flood

Tweet But because they are below ground, basements are at risk of getting water in them. Whether you get a lot or a little water in your basement when it


How a Remodeled Basement can add Value to Your Home

Tweet When you are investing in a basement remodeling project, you will want to make sure that results not only please you as an individual but also add value to


How to Build a Bedroom in a Basement

Tweet It seems easy, but home inspectors warn it takes more than inserting a bed to create a legal basement bedroom. Preliminary Survey Check local building codes to determine if

Rec Room

How to Improve the Family Rec Room

Tweet If you plan on entertaining over the coming months, the following tips can help you improve your rec room space. 1. Your equipment. No rec room is complete without


Basement Finishing Tips and Tricks

Tweet Read on for some tips and tricks to get this valuable, but underused area of your home ready for use. 1. Ensure that it is dry. Basements have a

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All About Designing a Man Cave

Tweet Rooms for guys and guys alone. Women have kitchens, living rooms and other dedicated areas of the home all to themselves. What about men? What do men have? Those


How to Waterproof a Basement

Tweet Waterproofing can resolve your moisture problems, a job that can vary in complexity depending on your basement’s water problem. Let’s take a look at how to waterproof a basement:


Basement Rec Room Considerations

Tweet If you’re fortunate to have a basement or its more basic cousin, a cellar, then that is one area in your home that may be underutilized if it is


Inexpensive Ways to Finish Your Basement

Tweet Save money on your home improvement project. The following are the steps you can take to help you accomplish the job: 1. Set the parameters for your project. First


Top Basement Renovation Ideas

Tweet Making the most of unused living space. If you have an unused basement in your home and are looking to turn it into desired living space, you can add

Basement Home Theater

Smart Tips for Your Basement Home Theater

Tweet One area of your home that may be suitable for setting up a dedicated home theater is your basement. This area of your home may already be used as


Design Ideas for an Unfinished Basement

Tweet There are many designs that would turn your unfinished basement into a new and exciting room in your house. A “Real” Entertainment Room Do you enjoy going to the

Home Renovation

Home Renovation: Making Better Use of Your Current Space

Tweet Simpler updates can save you time and money, budget pleasing renovations you can handle yourself or with the help of one more contractors. Home Improvement Tips So, what areas

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Counting the Cost of Basement Conversion

Tweet One area of the home just ripe for conversion is the basement or what some people call the “cellar,” especially if it is unfinished. If you have a basement,