4 Different Strategies for Building Your New Home’s Solid Foundation

4 Different Strategies for Building Your New Home’s Solid Foundation
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    While you might want to focus on designing nice interior decor and eye-catching landscaping when you’re building a new house, before you can do any of that, you need to ensure that the house you build is structurally sound.


A solid foundation for your new home tops the list of the essential factors to keep your home safe and stable. If the foundation isn’t solid or if it quickly crumbles, the rest of the home will quickly fall into disrepair. Those structural issues will be expensive to repair.

Building a solid foundation rides on numerous factors. These include your plans for the house, the type of soil on which you intend to build, and moisture that might be in the soil.

The nature of the land has a significant influence on your foundation. Such aspects determine how to build a  foundation that is ideal for your home. Consider the following tips when strategizing on building your foundation.

Determine the Load of Your House

The role of the foundation is to accommodate the full load of your house. Ensure that the type of home, as well as its weight and size, are proportional to the foundation. Your engineer needs to consider these and other factors when designing everything. You may decide to settle for a different type of foundation besides what your designer has recommended. However, you should allow them to verify if it will work for your home.

Keep Off Moisture Away From the Foundation

Ensure that you install gutters as well as the downspout, because they play a significant role in diverting moisture away from the foundation after finalizing your project. Other strategies include placing materials that boost drainage, such as sand and gravel, around your home where water would collect.

You can eradicate the moisture issue by designing a sub-slab drainage pad. This can help in obstructing water vapor or soil gases. Additionally, it purifies the air in your house and improves the load-bearing capacity of your slab foundation

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      some drainage controls to consider      

Chose the Ideal Type of Soil

For your foundation to be rigid, be keen on the type of soil you build on. Ensure that the ground is intact to prevent the foundation from shifting, which can make your house collapse in the future. An experienced contractor can help determine whether the conditions are favorable before building the foundation.

If the solid isn’t as reliable as needed, there are several techniques builders will use to improve it. This includes compacting it through several different methods, draining groundwater, reinforcing it, and adding extra barriers.

Use the Right Concrete Services

Even the most experienced home DIYers will rarely attempt building a foundation on their own. Instead, concrete services come in and build the foundation to the builder and homeowner’s specifications. It takes about a month to prepare the land and pour the concrete for the foundation.

other valuable tips:

While this may seem like a long time, especially when it doesn’t look like a whole lot is getting done, this step is vital, and it’s important to be patient. Having your foundation done right the first time will save you a lot of problems later.

Building a solid foundation is one of the surest ways of ensuring that your home is protected against structural damage. Shifting soil, time, weather, and natural disasters can all conspire to harm your home, but a strong foundation will limit the damage you’ll have to deal with.

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