Proven Ways of Dealing with Termites

Proven Ways of Dealing with Termites


The cost of repair (of already damaged elements) will be significantly lower. Also, regardless of the method you choose to use, if you act before the situation escalates, you will be able to get the job done quicker (with smaller concentrations of preferred insecticide/repellant).

With that in mind and without further ado, here are several proven ways of dealing with termites.

Using acid

Boric acid is sold in powder form which will allow you to use it as you please. For instance, you can dilute it in water.

Keep in mind that, although not that dangerous, it would probably be for the best if you were to wear a mask while using it. Also, you can buy it virtually anywhere. Just go to any home improvement store and look for it.

The reason why boric acid is such a great anti-termite solution is that it is a relatively weak acid. This allows it to preserve the wood.

Most importantly, it doesn’t kill them on spot, which means that they won’t be able to figure it out.

What it does is prevents them from absorbing nutrients, which will gradually destroy all termites in your household.

Generally speaking, it’s recommended for outdoor use. If you want to use it inside, you should probably dilute it in water.

Making a barrier

Another method you should consider is termite barriers. What you should do is make a barrier around your home by digging a trench of sorts. There, you pour a termiticide in order to create a perimeter around the place.

One consideration you need to keep in mind here is the fact that the soil needs to be of high quality. This is because you’re mostly aiming at the saturation of the soil with termiticide in question and low-quality soil may not be able to maintain it.

After you’re done, you ensure that no new termites will enter the home and you can finally deal with those that have made it inside.

Creating a bait

You can also use a baiting system as one of the least invasive methods of solving this issue. First, you get a plastic cylinder that you will bury into the ground. Several stations will do.

Ideally, you would plant one every 3-4 meters. On top of them, you need to place an inspection cap. This cap has timber sleaves which are enhanced with termite attractants.

They release a subtle smell of decayed timber which will not be noticeable to human nostrils but will irresistibly attract termites. After 4-6 weeks, after they’ve already accustomed to this, you should add bait consisting of pure cellulose. This will quite efficiently destroy an entire colony.

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Contact professionals

Those who value results above all else should definitely contact professionals. Experts behind an agency specializing in pest control from Cairns believe that local knowledge is more than necessary.

There are so many different types of termites out there. Knowing local termites and architecture can help quite a bit, which is why hiring local professionals is such an important thing.

Most importantly, the majority of these experts offer a guarantee. This means that you’re getting the only 100% guaranteed method for repelling pests. Naturally, this guarantee usually doesn’t last indefinitely but if your home is termite-free after 6-12 months and you apply all the prevention methods afterward, you really have nothing to fear.


White vinegar

If you’re looking for a completely harmless method to exterminate termites from your property, you needn’t look further than white vinegar. All you need to do is to combine the juice from two big lemons and add a half-a-cup of vinegar. Then, you should pour this into a spray bottle and spread it over the infested area.

If you can see termite holes and entrances in mounds, this method will be even more effective. Ideally, you would cover all wooden structures in your home, however, this might not be necessary. It’s effective but also impractical and (frankly) the odor is not very pleasant.

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In conclusion

In the end, you need to understand that while it’s for the best to try and prevent termites from ever penetrating the perimeter of your household, this will not always be the case.

So, even if they’re already in, you have a list of methods (both invasive and non-invasive) to fight them. Just keep in mind what’s important here.

Once your home is finally termite-free, now’s the time to do all that you can in order to keep it that way. This means investing in necessary measures and taking all the necessary steps to prevent any future infestation.

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