4 Ways to Prevent Ants from Invading Your Kitchen

4 Ways to Prevent Ants from Invading Your Kitchen
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    Spring is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable times of years.

    There is something magical about the way the world comes alive.


However, some of that reawakening life is not so welcome inside your home. One of the most annoying hassles that often comes along with springtime is the invasion of the kitchen by ants. Whether they are those tiny ants that get into everything or the bigger, more aggressive ants, they must be stopped. Here are four of the best ways to ensure that your kitchen stays ant-free this year.

1. Seal the Kitchen Off

One of the best ways to keep ants from becoming a problem is to keep them from getting into the kitchen in the first place. Though this is easier said than done, it is a very effective weapon in the war against ants. You should start by making sure all the windows in your kitchen are well sealed. A good caulk applicator is the best tool to keep your windows sealed off.

Next, go through your kitchen looking for cracks. Make sure to use a flashlight and to inspect all of your cabinets and crevices well. Pull out the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher to inspect behind them. Making sure that your kitchen is as sealed off as possible is a great way to help prevent ants from gaining entrance.

2. Don’t Leave Food Out

The reason ants come into kitchens in the first place is because they want to eat. In many kitchens, they will find easy pickings. If you cut them off from their easy food supply, then they will not come looking for it. Do not leave any food out to tempt the ants. Make sure to wash all dishes right away and to seal goods in airtight containers to help keep the ants away.

3. Cleaning Is Key

As well as ensuring that you don’t leave food out, you need to make sure that your kitchen stays clean. Sweep daily to eliminate the crumbs that are an ant’s dream. Make sure that you mop as well to eliminate the chemical trials that ants leave to show other ants how to find their way to the buffet table. Also, wipe down your counters frequently with an acidic solution to eliminate these ant trails. Solutions containing vinegar and lemon juice work well for this.

4. Call in the Experts

Sometimes you cannot keep the ants from gaining a foothold no matter how diligent you are. When you cannot get rid of them, don’t hesitate to call in an expert to deal with ants. Using a professional exterminator like North Shore Pest Detective Ltd is the best way to guarantee that you get rid of all the ants in your kitchen.

If you follow these four tips, you will be able to keep ants from annoying you. They are pesky little critters, but you can always get rid of them. Don’t be afraid to call in the big guns to get rid of ants when they become too irritating.



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