Home Wreckers: How Homeowners Can Combat (and Prevent) Termites

Home Wreckers: How Homeowners Can Combat (and Prevent) Termites
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    Of all of the potential pests that homeowners might have to fight, termites are considered one of the worst as they can do significant damage to your home over an extended period of time if they are not taken care of immediately.


Termites don’t merely leave behind waste, they also cause extensive and expensive damage to plant cellulose materials like wood, cotton and burlap. It doesn’t matter if your home is currently termite-free. An infestation can begin at any time.

Inspect Your Property Often

Common signs of an infestation include actual termites, piles of wings caused by mass shedding during growth cycles and damage to cellulose-based materials, including structural objects like wood beams, floors and window frames and non-structural objects like furniture and artwork.

External signs include discolored surface deterioration and powder piles. You might also find brittle, branching mud tubes in the ground and near or on foundations, porches, walls, fences and window boxes and interior basement windows and walls.

Spray Often

One of things you could do is spray your home down with chemicals that specifically kill bugs and most especially, termites. This is something you will want to do at least once every spring and potentially every summer. This will help your home keep away any potential pests and prevent termite damage. However, this should be done carefully, and you might want to consider hiring a professional to take care of this problem for you.

Hire an Experienced Exterminator

An experienced exterminator removes these pests as quickly as possible to prevent new damage. A pest specialist also sets up preventative measures and provides you with tips and tricks for safeguarding your property against these and other pests.

When you discover termites, it’s critical that you call a pest control specialist like the team at Canady’s Termite & Pest Control immediately.

Stop Attracting the Termites

Even if you don’t find termite signs, you still need to take measures to protect your property. In addition to regular do-it-yourself inspections, hire a specialist to inspect your property and install termite barriers and other pest resistance measures at least once a year.

  • Reduce moisture sources near or in your home like pooling water on a roof and at ground level and leaky water faucets and pipes that attract not only termites but also other pests like mosquitoes, flies and ants.
  • Fix damp and deteriorating structural spots caused by roof damage or a window air conditioner.
  • Replace deteriorating food sources like old wood and cardboard storage boxes with new materials that have been treated against pests or plastic or metal.
  • Maintain a gap of several feet between cellulose-based objects and wood beams, floors and walls and never stack wood against your home or keep stumps in your garden.

Plenty of people who have gorgeous homes filled with plant-based materials rarely deal with termites or other pest infestations. These problems need to be taken care of as soon as humanly as possible to prevent any immediate and future problems down the road. They have been successful because they never wait for pests to attack their homes. They push back this threat regularly by using these and other preventative measures.

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