4 Advantages of Using Engineered Flooring for Your Renovation

4 Advantages of Using Engineered Flooring for Your Renovation
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    One way to instantly update your home and add serious value is to change your current flooring.


Flooring options have evolved significantly over the years. From now dated shag carpets to cringe-worthy laminate, there are many more attractive and affordable options on the market today.

However, one style of flooring seems to withstand the test of time, hardwood floors. Hardwood floors are classic, beautiful, and add to a home’s overall resale value. Unfortunately, hardwood floors aren’t practical for every home.

True hardwood flooring is expensive, prone to scratching, and worst of all, at the mercy of moisture and warping.

Luckily, there is a solution to these problems while still having the grand beauty of natural hardwood flooring, engineered wood floors.

Here are 4 advantages of using engineered flooring for your renovation.

Durability and Quality

A home is bound to face its fair share of spills and stains. Engineered hardwood flooring is specifically designed to be moisture resistant and less prone to warping.

Engineered flooring also does not bend as easily as other flooring options (hardwood or otherwise). For this reason, engineered flooring will stand the test of time more reliably than traditional hardwood flooring.

Beauty of Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered flooring is constructed with layers of actual hardwood on top of a sturdy plywood base. Therefore, engineered flooring offers the same natural beauty of traditional wood flooring.

Engineered oak flooring in particular, boasts the natural beauty and grain of traditional wood flooring. In addition, oak is an especially sturdy type of wood. With a true top layer of oak, your new flooring will be sure to withstand areas with the highest foot traffic.


Traditional hardwood flooring is notorious for its high price tag. While there are cheaper alternatives such as laminate and linoleum, these alternatives simply do not compare the beauty or quality of hardwood.

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Engineered flooring, on the other hand, offers both quality and affordability. Many homeowners have found that opting for engineered flooring can cost half the price of traditional wood floors. Saving money wherever you can is incredibly important for this type of project.

Variety of Installation Options

Whether you choose to have your floors installed professionally or to tackle your renovation as a DIY project, updating your floors can result in costly or time consuming labor. Another crucial advantage of engineered flooring is the ease and variety of installation techniques.

Engineered flooring can be nailed, glued, stapled, or simply floated over your sub-flooring. This flexibility gives homeowners the advantage of different techniques, pricing options, and customization based upon their current homes.

other valuable tips:

With a variety of installation options, installing hardwood flooring should be simple. Get the right team together and knock out this project so you can have a beautiful home.

Whether you consider durability, cost, or style, engineered flooring is simply superior to all other flooring options on the market. With such versatility it is easy to see why engineered flooring is a popular option for many homeowners and even builders.

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