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Roofing and Gutters

Reroofing Your Home? 4 Ways to Make It Better than It Was Before

Reroofing your house comes in handy should there be a leakage or an old roof fall. Though the new roof may not look very glamourous, you will at least be sure that water leakage problems destroying your remodeled kitchen, basement or attic insulation will be part of your past.


4 Advantages of Using Engineered Flooring for Your Renovation

One way to instantly update your home and add serious value is to change your current flooring.

Home Security

Sunday Morning Tip for November 08: Make Your Home a Sanctuary and Stronghold

Your home should be your sanctuary. It should also be a place where you feel safe.

Roofing and Gutters

Reroofing Your Home? Why You Should Choose Metal Over Shingles

But instead of feeling sad, parents should feel motivated. With fewer people running around, an empty nest can easily be transformed into the house of your dreams.

Home Renovation Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for August 16: How to Create a Unique Look for Your Home Renovation

A home is a huge investment. As such, you should reinvest back into it from time to time to maintain the value of your home and make sure you and your family get the most out of it as possible.

Kitchen and Dining

How to Restore Your Granite Countertops to Their Former Luster

Granite countertops are supposed to last through whatever you can throw at them. Over time, they may start to lose their luster.

Home Renovation

Renovating Your Castle? 4 Materials You Need for the Process

When you are renovating a home, you must prepare in advance by having the items required for the process. This is especially important when you have a larger home with multiple levels.


Why Having a Waterproofed Basement is So Important

Basements are known for being damp, but it doesn’t have to be that way. A dry basement is possible if you take the proper steps to waterproof the area.

Home Repairs Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 12: Got Sinking Floors? How to Keep Your Home Afloat

A sinking floor in your home could spell disaster if you don’t tackle the issue. The cause of a sinking floor can vary so your solution needs to match the problem.

Home Renovation

How to Manage Changes That Come up During a Renovation

As a renovation progresses, there will be things that you encounter. How you go about managing these changes depends on the extent of the problem and the scope of your project.

Just Bath

4 Fun Bathroom Remodeling Updates for the Unique Homeowner

A bathroom renovation project can be as large or as small as you would prefer. How you go about completing the transition will depend on your personality and the materials that you select.


How to Seal Your Basement From Ground Water

A wet and damp basement could be causing other problems to develop in your home. Preventing the water from getting in is the best solution to this type of situation.

Renovation Designs

After the Renovation: 4 Looks for Your New Aesthetic

Remodeling a home can signify a fresh new start. If you want to reap the rewards of this exciting new chapter, you should go the extra mile.


Fashionable Flooring: 4 Ways to Spruce up Your Home

When it is time to spruce up your home, choose fashionable flooring for each room.

Exterior Home

How Sandstone Can Lend You the Look Your Home Needs

Natural stone materials are usable in various areas inside and outside your home to create a unique ambience.

Home Repairs

How to Redo and Restore Your Home after a Flood

Even if you do everything in your power to protect your home from a flood, one of those catastrophic events could still destroy almost all of your property in a matter of minutes.


Clean the Debris: How to Renovate Your Den

A den can be a pleasant place to take it easy any time you’re at home. You can read books in your den. You can watch television shows in it. You can even enjoy long chats with your family members.

Doors and Windows

Replacing Your Windows? How to Renovate and Resell

It may not seem like a very cost effective project when it comes to the return on your home’s investment. New windows do more than just add value when they’re done correctly.

Sun Room

A Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Sunroom Onto Your Home

Light-filled spaces provide an excellent mood boost. Add a sunroom to your house and claim that joy for yourself. It could even add value to your property.

Home Renovation

5 Home Renovation Hacks to Save Time

If you’re renovating a new home or an investment property, it’s likely that your head is swimming in every component that needs to be completed. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, to say the least.