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Renovation Designs

After the Renovation: 4 Looks for Your New Aesthetic

Remodeling a home can signify a fresh new start. If you want to reap the rewards of this exciting new chapter, you should go the extra mile.


Fashionable Flooring: 4 Ways to Spruce up Your Home

When it is time to spruce up your home, choose fashionable flooring for each room.

Exterior Home

How Sandstone Can Lend You the Look Your Home Needs

Natural stone materials are usable in various areas inside and outside your home to create a unique ambience.

Home Repairs

How to Redo and Restore Your Home after a Flood

Even if you do everything in your power to protect your home from a flood, one of those catastrophic events could still destroy almost all of your property in a matter of minutes.


Clean the Debris: How to Renovate Your Den

A den can be a pleasant place to take it easy any time you’re at home. You can read books in your den. You can watch television shows in it. You can even enjoy long chats with your family members.

Doors and Windows

Replacing Your Windows? How to Renovate and Resell

It may not seem like a very cost effective project when it comes to the return on your home’s investment. New windows do more than just add value when they’re done correctly.

Sun Room

A Step-by-Step Guide to Add a Sunroom Onto Your Home

Light-filled spaces provide an excellent mood boost. Add a sunroom to your house and claim that joy for yourself. It could even add value to your property.

Home Renovation

5 Home Renovation Hacks to Save Time

If you’re renovating a new home or an investment property, it’s likely that your head is swimming in every component that needs to be completed. Sometimes it can feel overwhelming, to say the least.

Just Bath

Renovation Relaxation: How to Create a Serene Bathroom

Tranquility means everything in this world. It can be wonderful to feel at ease anywhere you go.

Home Interior Design

4 Fashionable Ways to Use Metal in Your Home

Metal touches are becoming more popular when it comes to adding them as décor elements in your home.


Reflooring the Kitchen? 4 Options to Dazzle Your Family

Revamping your kitchen can be a project that’s incredibly satisfying. It can be a blast in general, too.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for March 10: 4 Additions That Make Your New Kitchen Something Special

A new kitchen can make you feel giddy and like anything is possible in the culinary department. If you want your new kitchen to be something for the record books, however, you have to go the extra mile.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for March 03: Fixing up the House: Doing Away With Leftover Materials

As you are finishing up your next renovation project, you will need to figure out what to do with all of the unwanted debris. Even a relatively minor project can easily produce huge piles of leftover materials, and getting rid of that waste might be daunting.


Finishing the Basement? How to See Your Project through to the End

A basement can offer your home some much needed additional living space. Having this extra square footage can increase the ability to enjoy your home.

Heating and Cooling

How to Install a Water Heater in Your Newly-Renovated Home

Upgrading your water heater is a great way to make your home more functional and potentially increase its resale value. Unfortunately, you can do quite a bit of damage to your property if you don’t plan ahead and spend some time researching this project.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 17: How Your Home Can Benefit from a Tile Roof

A new residential roofing system can make a wonderful upgrade. If you have a roofing system in place that’s tired and old, then you should think about the tile world.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 10: 4 Unique Design and Amenity Options for Your Bathroom

Residential remodeling can bring on wonderful things for the household. It can make your day-to-day existence a lot more convenient.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Feb 03: Renovating Your Home? 4 Fun Additions to Complete the Project

If you have recently decided to renovate your home, then you should think about investing in some fun additions.

Weekly Sunday Tips

Sunday Morning Tip for Jan 20: 4 Steps to Help You Build a New Deck onto Your Home

Building a deck doesn’t have to be something that’s out of your reach. Taking certain preparatory steps will make the process easier to manage.

Heating and Cooling

Broken Heater? How to Incorporate This Repair into Your Renovation

Having a furnace go out in the middle of a cold snap or when you have a houseful of holiday guests is an experience no one wants. Preventing these issues can be tricky unless you have tips from experts in the real estate and construction industries.