3 Tips For Maintaining Your Epoxy Floor

3 Tips For Maintaining Your Epoxy Floor
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    Have you already heard about epoxy floors?

    You can usually find epoxy floors in warehouses, auto repair shops, and other industrial spaces.

    Likewise, commercial and residential property owners have a lot of reasons why they love epoxy.


One of their reasons is that they can install epoxy flooring in every place that has concrete to allow such concrete surfaces to become stronger. In addition, epoxy floors are also attractive and elegant-looking because of their high luster.

Moreover, having an epoxy floor upgrade at your house can truly make your place look different. It can change your braai space into a great entertainment area, jazz up your garage, and improve your old-fashioned living room into something new.

As epoxy floors can be a good choice, you can also start looking for services that provide epoxy floor coating for your area.

As much as epoxy floors look great, you must also maintain and clean them so that their gloss can remain and won’t deteriorate as time goes by. And for that, below are three tips on how to preserve them:

Keep The Floor Free Of Dirt And Grit

One of the essential steps to maintaining epoxy floors is keeping them dirt and grit-free. This step is much more necessary if the floors are installed in the living room or garage as these are the places with frequent dirt and dust.

Likewise, if you’re moving vehicles or machinery on or off the floor, dirt and grit may also set themselves and leave some mark on such, especially if they’re allowed to remain at it. 

Because of such issues, it’s ideal to have an added caution whenever you’re moving heavy machinery over the floor to make sure that the floor is free of dust and grit. It would be best to do regular cleaning as well after moving them.

Even if epoxy floors are durable, they can still show some signs of damage if scratches occur as time goes by. Therefore, routine cleaning is ideal.

To start cleaning scratched and marked floors, you can use a shop vacuum with a soft brush attachment. The number of times you may vacuum depends on the amount of dirt and grit present.

Similarly, you can use a soft broom or mop to clean the floor if it’s scratched or damaged.

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Perform Spot Cleaning

You can avoid mopping the entire floor and performing a deep clean if you clean any spills constantly whenever it occurs. Doing so can also prevent stubborn stains or grime from forming. If not, you will need to perform general cleaning now and then.

To spot clean a floor, you may sweep or vacuum around the area with the most dirt. If there are spilled liquids, you should first remove solid debris and built-up dirt before doing some spot cleaning using a shop towel and degreaser. 

After doing so, it’s time to mop using hot water. Since epoxy floors and epoxy coatings are water-resistant, as long as your epoxy floor is installed correctly, you can ensure that the cleaning can be quick and less challenging.

If you discover stains on your floor, you can use a soft scrubbing pad to remove them effectively. Avoid scrubbing too hard, as you may unintentionally reduce the floor’s luster.

Properly Clean Chemicals And Oils

There’s a possibility that you might spill chemicals on your epoxy floor. However, the good thing is that the epoxy floors are easy to clean because of their features. You can easily clean these floors by wiping them with paper or shop towels.

Remember, you should not let the chemicals remain on the floor for too long. If the engine chemicals from your vehicle or other chemicals present in your garage rest upon it for an extended period, these chemicals can eventually cause damage to its quality. 

Likewise, specific chemicals that can ruin your epoxy floor are:

  • Diesel
  • Gasoline
  • Brake fluid
  • Carburetor fluid
  • Antifreeze
  • All-purpose cleaners
  • Paints
  • Course liquids
  • Battery acid

Wrapping Up

Epoxy floors can be used in various types of properties. One of the reasons people use them is that they can be installed in every part of a space with concrete to allow such concrete surfaces to become more durable.

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Not only that, but epoxy floors also look elegant and appealing because of their shininess. And so, epoxy floors can make your home unique from others.

Although epoxy floor has a lot of advantages, you must also note that proper maintenance and cleaning are needed to preserve its luster and durability. Overall, keep in mind the information above if you decide to install an epoxy floor.

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