Home Décor Components That Complement Dark Wood Flooring

Home Décor Components That Complement Dark Wood Flooring
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    Dark wood floors add a flair of sophistication and luxury to a room. They look erudite, and bring a certain richness and finesse to a space.


However, the other elements in the room need to be balanced with this type of floor to avoid the risk of making the place look disconsolate. 

If you’re planning to install dark wood flooring in your home, you need to know about how to use the other home décor components to highlight their best features.


The color of your walls can go a long way in helping the dark wood floor make a majestic impact. Light-colored walls can work well because they make the room appear bigger, and contrast brilliantly with dark floors. Using dark colors on walls will blend with the floor and can make the room smaller and cramped. Unless your room is huge, avoid dark walls.

Apart from paint, you can also use light-colored wallpapers to add interest to the room. Alternatively, give stucco a try for a light-colored wall covering. Wainscoting with wood, marble, stone, or tile in different colors and styles can be done to either contrast or blend with your dark floor.



Dark wood floors absorb light. So they go well with furniture pieces that are a few shades lighter, yet high on the warmth factor. For example, if your floor has gray or black tones, you may want to add furniture made from light-colored wood that has a weathered effect to it. Dark floors that have a warm and rich undertone can work well with furniture made from medium- and light-hued wood like cherry or mahogany.

You can also incorporate wrought iron furniture if you want to add a variety of textures in your room. Also, dark wood goes well with metal. If you want to match the furniture with the floor, ensure to go light on the walls. This way, your living space will look regal and warm instead of dreary and heavy. 

When it comes to cabinets and cupboards, light-colored wooden furniture can look stunningly dramatic against a dark floor. Consider installing your cabinets in white, particularly in the kitchen, for a striking effect. It is a known fact that white cabinets and cupboards (with warm bronze metal knobs) complement dark wood floors brilliantly as they provide the highest degree of contrast and visual impact compared to beige, ivory, and other light colors.


To make your room look texturally-rich and effortlessly interesting, use patterned rugs in dark colors. Make sure to paint your walls and ceiling in crisp white for a put-together look. If white isn’t your preferred color, consider other light shades of blue and lavender.


Those looking to add a dash of the rustic old-world charm to a room that has dark wood flooring, consider installing a fireplace, if you don’t already have one. Choose the fireplace elements with care though. A dark gray fireplace surround in stone, concrete, wood paneling, or brick, for instance, will help highlight the grandeur of your dark wood floor.

It is best to choose the fireplace style and design on the basis of its scale in comparison with the size of your room and decor.  An oversized fireplace, for example, will work well in a room with a large scale. The same rule applies to rooms with a small scale. A natural wood mantel that matches the color of your dark floor will take your room’s look and feel to the next level.


Curtains and Drapes

If you have large open windows, you can dress them up to improve the overall look and color scheme of the room in a way that provides contrast with your dark wood floor. This, in turn, will help create a visual focal point in the room. Consider using drapes, curtains or shades in colors that contrast the floor and draw attention to the scenes beyond the window.

In case of smaller windows that do not offer much of a view, use colors that either match or blend with the floor color. However, remember that darker window coverings prevent a great deal of natural light from entering the room when the curtains or shades are drawn. Ensure you have adequate interior lighting for ample illumination in your living space. 

Natural Greens

Including green leafy plants in rooms with dark floors is a wonderful way to add texture and freshness to the room. Doing so will make even smaller rooms look vivacious and lively. White walls, when paired with natural green plants and dark wood, is always effective in enhancing the beauty and make both elements stand out in the room.

Color Bursts

If you’ve installed a dark wood floor, but aren’t a fan of white walls, and would rather have some color on them, you need to be careful in your choice. Focus on pale colors, such as lavender, ivory, and mint as these will have a calming effect on the inhabitants of the room. Avoid darker shades as they will only make the room seem small and stuffy.



If you’re looking to add elegance and an earthy charm to your home, you should surely invest in dark wood flooring. However, make sure the other décor and furniture elements in the room are well-balanced with the floor so its beauty stands out. Take care in comparing shades and make it a point to pick components that fit in with the overall theme of your abode. An enchanting flooring coupled with complementary home décor elements are sure to make you feel blissful in your beautiful haven.

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