4 Unique Home Designs That Help Keep Pests Out

4 Unique Home Designs That Help Keep Pests Out
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    Pests are a nuisance and can spread several diseases.

    Therefore, it is crucial to keep them away.


Use the tips discussed below to help you keep pests away from your home.

Keep the Room Dry

Pest and rodents depend on moisture for their survival. They usually avoid dry areas and spend most of their time in moist places. It is advisable that you keep the areas around the walls, foundations and roof dry so that they don’t attract pests. You should also trim hanging tree branches around the house, especially when they are in contact with the house.

Check the Foundation

Check for holes outside the house and seal them. Seal any openings on windows and doors and keep the attics and basements dry and well ventilated. The presence of mildew and mold in the basement is a sign of moisture, which might promote the survival of pests.

Keep the Kitchen Clean

Keep the kitchen clean and free of clutter. Check the appliances and ensure they do not contain spills or crumbs. Clean all the shelves regularly and store your food in airtight containers. Keep the garbage in a closed container and empty it regularly.

Some companies, like A-Alert Exterminating Service Inc., know that if you notice rodents, use mousetraps to get rid of them.

Seal Gaps in the Walls

Although your walls might appear stack and solid, there is a likelihood they have some tiny cracks. Such cracks allow pests to sneak into the house. Make sure you carry out a thorough inspection to ensure there is no crack in the walls. If you notice a crack, call a repair contractor immediately to seal it. You can as well apply a paint to the cracked surface to create a temporary seal. Apart from the walls, check the door panels, window frames, and roof vents for possible cracks. It is only this way that you can be sure your house is safe from pests.

Fix Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes are prime sources of water for pests, particularly cockroaches. Such pipes also encourage the growth of shrubs in the house, which then provides a conducive environment for pests. Check your pipes to see if there is any leak. Call a plumber immediately if you notice a leak.

Pests can make your house to look untidy and uninhabitable. Not to mention, they can cause potentially dangerous diseases. You need to make sure your house is free of pests. Use the tips discussed above for effective results.

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