Spring Critters: How to Keep the Pests at Bay

Spring Critters: How to Keep the Pests at Bay
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    Prevention is the biggest step in controlling pest populations, and normal maintenance is usually enough to keep unwanted bugs and animals at bay.


Springtime isn’t all blooming flowers and rain boots. As the weather starts to turn more pleasant, many homeowners notice they’re seeing more pests than they did during the winter. Since spring is traditionally mating seasons for many species of animals/bugs, it isn’t uncommon to see an increase in pest infestations. Taking some preventative steps as spring begins helps keep your home free from a variety of pests. Remember, once they’ve moved in, it’s more difficult to get them out!

Repair Damaged Window Screens

Spring is the prime breeding season for insects like ants and cockroaches, and even the tiniest holes in your screen are a veritable vacancy sign. Warm weather means you’re opening your windows more often, so it’s more likely bugs will be vying to get inside. Repair any damaged screens even if you think the hole is too small for anything to get in. Ensure the screen fits well inside its frame, too. For serious infestations, consider a Glenview pest control specialist or one in your area to help eliminate those critters.

Trim Trees and Shrubs Around the Home

Foliage is the perfect place for a variety of insects to hang out, especially if it’s closely surrounding your house. Tall grass, overgrown bushes, or ill-maintained gardens not only provide a great habitat for insects, they can also weaken your home’s exterior, allowing easier access to unwelcome guests. You can also check for holes around the exterior of your home, and use pesticides by your doors and windows. You can even find pesticides that are good for the environment. If you spring clean the inside of your home, don’t forget to do the outside as well!

Pests 101: How to keep unwanted critters out of your home:

Deep Clean Your Kitchen

Even if you’re a tidy housekeeper, being cooped up in your home all winter is bound to have created some messes that aren’t visible to the naked eye. Go on a thorough cleaning spree of your kitchen, doing things like ensuring your pantry is free from crumbs and spilled food. Free food is the prime reason why pests make their way into homes, and even the smallest amounts of food are more than enough to entice even the most ravenous of pests. Don’t forget to keep pet food sealed tightly. Clean up after messy pets, and if you have outdoor dogs and cats, make sure their food is put away at night to avoid attracting critters like raccoons and skunks.

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Check Your Home for Moisture

Many pests, especially cockroaches and silverfish, love moisture. Whether you live in a climate with a lot of snow or rain, it’s possible your home sprung a leak at some point during the winter. Do a thorough inspection of your attic, basement, bathrooms, and the home’s exterior to ensure there isn’t any excessive moisture.



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